Nagoya Buzz with Dan Speight

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Nagoya Buzz is back, featuring our new host, Dan Speight from Natural English School and The Sexy Parties. Sign up for the Golden Week event The Pink Sexy at our event page.

This week’s events, courtesy of The Obvious Circus are: March 9th: Steady Progress at Plastic Factory, March 9th/10th Powder Love in Hakuba, March 15th: Coat of Arms opening, March 16th: Ryukyudisko at Club Mago.

Our guest this week is Mark Campbell from Mark’s Boot Camp. Mark runs a fitness/exercise training class in Nagoya. He also talks about diet and health for expatriates and locals alike in Nagoya. Get fit and sexy for the summer beach parties with Mark. Go to for information about the boot camp, or visit Mark’s Facebook page.

Other information mentioned in this week’s podcast:

Samurai Language Services, a translation and interpreting service who did all the diet and brochure translation for Mark’s Boot Camp. Run by Akane Spring-Day.

Diet-Related Documentaries:


Food Inc.

Our Daily Bread

The Men Who Made Us Fat


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