Nagoya Buzz Podcast with Dan Speight 6/5


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Adventure Spirit Rafting’s Chris Neesham tells us all about what it’s like to spend a day on the beautiful Nagara River in Gifu. Exciting Grade 3 rapids, serene tree and rock-lined pools, river board wave surfing, kayaking, rock jumps, and a hot spring famous for its fertility enhancing powers(!). All this, a complimentary lunch and more make up a refreshing day of getaway  from the monotony of city summer heat. Plus, there’s the bonus of being in the hands of the most experienced and capable  guide on the river. Chris tells us about his lifetime fascination with all things outdoors, and describes some of the ins and outs of white water rafting culture. Go to Adventure Spirit‘s site at to reserve your trip for the summer! Discounts apply for groups of over 7 people.

We get so excited talking about rafting that we totally forget to plug the upcoming The Summer Sexy, but rest assured it’s very much happening on June 15, and it’s going to be huge! It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear to the only party in town with a pool full of balloons: Summer dress? Beach shorts? Swimwear, or just plain old mankini? We look forward to seeing your favorite summer colours on display for a party to remember. Look forward to thrilling performances from pole dancer Yuki, and first timers at The Sexy Parties, the very accomplished Yuko and Cai.

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