Nagoya Buzz Podcast with Dan Speight 5/23



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This week Dan, Carter and Tom get all philosophical and deep about the most interesting upcoming gigs and events from the Obvious Circus calendar. We cover some of the great local Gaijin bands of the last 20 years in Nagoya, and hear about some that will be featured in the next edition of Nag Mag. There’s also a hint of something new and wonderful in store at upcoming season-starting event The Summer Sexy. And in the spirit of free-form discussion and the ongoing search for truth and personal enlightenment for our beloved community, there’s an occasional reference to porn. Just a bit. Just the tip, actually. But don’t worry, we’ve pixelated most of those sound bytes, so you’d have to focus REALLY hard to hurt yourself. Not that we even recommend that. But the option’s there.

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