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This week we talk with guests from local music talent Vinny Vintage and the members of electronic pop group, We Are The Party(WATP) and Creative Minds. Taro Alexander describes the people and the process behind the formation of Creative Minds, the songwriting side of the production that brings the performance group WATP to the stage. Vinny and members Chris Jay, Shino Sato and Ginny Wilson talk about their musical influences, styles, impressions and plans for the future of the local music scene. Fans can look forward to seeing Vinny perform on stage at the upcoming Monster Vibes event at Centrair, together with international stars Akon and Nas.

We also hear about exciting plans for a photo booth in a pool filled with balloons and bodies at June 15 event, The Summer Sexy. Get your summer gear ready for a party to remember!

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CREATIVE MINDS started in Nagoya Japan in the spring of 2012. It began as collaboration between two music producers


Their goal was to put together the most innovating cutting edge pop electronic music.

From the start they found a great deal of success.  They worked with a multitude of singers and performers.  Performers they worked with spanned a multitude of genres.

CREATIVE MINDS made a name for themselves by working with many aspiring artists.

In the winter of 2012 friend and fellow musician/producer Taro Alexander (USA/JAPN-TOKYO) (Electro Shakuhachi) known for the electro band “The Art of War/Solskye” joined the CREATIVE MINDS team.

Currently CREATIVE MINDS is now collaboration between Aito Nakajima and Taro Alexander.  Yuya H, has now left the group and is pursuing a solo project.

CREATIVE MINDS has now expanded.

In late winter of 2012 CREATIVE MINDS took the next step.  Instead of mainly focusing on music production, CREATIVE MINDS decided to create a live music group.  This group consisted of some of Japan’s most talented brightest young stars.   The line-up consisted of Vinny Vintage – Canada (Rapper) well known for his original tracks, lyrical prowess and powerful presence on stage,

Ginny – Japan (Singer) known as one of the best voices, hear this amazing voice down town live.   Ginny currently works professional as a singer.

Shiho – Japan (Singer) another amazing singer in Nagoya with an amazing vocal range, Shiho is also the group’s stylist. She has the task of creating the group’s image, photography, and video production.

Chris J – Zimbabwe (Singer) Chris J is the premiere male vocalist in Nagoya, he has a smooth voice and amazing vocal range, look out for his crowd pleasing dance moves.

Danny Sonoir – USA (Drummer) it is rare to find a drummer that can keep up with electro tracks. Danny’s comes from a history of break beats and drum & bass drumming. Danny can do this all live, look out for him on stage.

Look out for this amazing group live on stage or in a club near you.

This live onstage conglomerate of talent is known as WATP(We Are The Party)

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