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This week we hear from guests Claudia Bracco and Mike Philp, local podcast addicionados and lifestyle hackers extraordinaire. We cover the coming week’s events, including the Belgian Beer Festival and long-awaited next installment in The Sexy Parties legend,  The Pink Sexy at Club Mago on April 28th.

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In addition to being from the land of roos and barbies, host Dan Speight has something  in common with guests Claudia and Mike. And it’s not his favorite sex position. In fact, believe it or not, the conversation this week didn’t even get that far below the belt. So when you think about it you can’t completely rule that one out. But these three have developed a shared love for The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and all the inspirational, hilarious, motivational, entertaining, fascinating, mind-expanding and lifestyle-improving topics that emerge from the whirlpool of cultural wisdom that is the man, Joe Rogan. We’ve been profoundly affected since tuning into Rogan’s podcast, and continue to glean priceless pearls from the many hours of free entertainment  and education made available every week. This is a highly recommended resource for anyone interested in bettering themselves, getting fit, eating healthy, and finding no-nonsense alternatives to the run-of-the-mill media content you tend to be bombarded with when you turn on a television or pick up a newspaper. Plus, a healthy measure of tongue-in-cheek bullshit to keep you laughing.

Below is a list of some of our favorite past JRE guests and related links.

  • Stanley Krippner – Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University in San Franciscohumanistic psychologist, having written extensively on

    dreamsaltered states of consciousnesshypnosisshamanismdissociation, and parapsychological subjects

    Justin Wren – pygmies congo. fight for the the forgotten raised 53grand.
    Dave Asprey -mycotoxins
    Neil Degrasse Tyson – quantum physics, stephen hawking doco
    Dr Amit Goswami – quantum physics
    Tim Ferriss – author of popular books, The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body, The Four Hour Chef
    Cara Santa Maria – American neuroscience enthusiast and science educator. She was the senior science correspondent and host of the “Talk Nerdy to Me” series for The Huffington Post until April 2013
    Les Stroud – survivorman
    Peter Duesberg – with theory that HIV does not cause AIDS.

    Phillip Coppens – ancient aliens founder who died of cancer since being on the podcast.

    Duncan Trussel – comedian writer actor

    Recent Duncan Trussel explanation on the philosophy of how your reality is created: here, which is taken from the philosophy of Indian-born  Jiddu Krishnamurti

    Famous Duncan Trussel rant: Killing the vampires in Your Life

    Kat Von D – tattoo artist

    Immortal Technique – rapper
    Aubrey Marcus – Supplement company CEO (use the code name sp8 for a 10% discount!)
    Michael Ruppert – ex-cop turned investigative journalist and writer.
    Freeway Rick Ross – ex-drug dealer who unknowingly sold cocaine for the CIA
    Everlast – musician
    Ronda Rousey – MMA fighter, UFC World Champion
    Daniele Bolelli – Italian writer, martial artist, and university professor. He is the author of On the Warrior’s Path, one of the modern classics on the philosophy of martial arts

    Graham Hancock – writer, journalist, psychedelic adventurer

    Bert Kreischer – comedian

    Joey Diaz – comedian and ex-criminal

    David Choe and Eddie Huang

    Shane Smith – from popular online documentary website


Recommended podcast management app for smartphone: Downcast

The Obvious Circus with Daniel Ostrander: This Week’s Events (with cameo appearance from NAGMAG media magnate Carter Witt)

The Pink Sexy, April 28th at Mago, 7pm-1am

Belgian Beer Festival


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