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Nagoya Buzz is back after a two week hiatus, where our trusted staff slacked off and boozed up under the cherry trees. Miss us? You better have, cos we missed you like a nice, quiet suburban neighbourhood misses the wail of an ambulance siren during a meditation session. Hosts Dan Speight and Rangi Thomson-McCall talk with guests Nick Rosier and Sophie Goto, the lead actors in Nameless Theater’s upcoming stage production, Romeo and Juilet. Sorry, no prizes this week for guessing which of our guests plays Romeo, or which is Juliet. But feel free to give yourself a hearty slap on the ass if you get it right before listening. You’re welcome.

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NAGOYA, Aichi — “Soft, what light through yonder window breaks…” “O Romeo, Romeo…” “For never was a story of more woe…” It’s one of the most quoted and well-known plays among William Shakespeare’s works, and in May this year, Nameless Theatre is bringing Romeo and Juliet to the Nagoya stage. As the first show of their 2013 season, this modern take on the beloved romantic tragedy will be performed from May 24th to 26th at the Aichi Arts Center Mini Theatre in Sakae. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Anthony Gilmore, and featuring a large cast and crew of international and Japanese volunteers, the play has become a much-anticipated collaborative arts event created by—and for—the Nagoya community.

Originally written around 1594, Romeo and Juliet is the story of two star-crossed lovers, desperate to be together as their families continue to escalate a bloody feud. Featuring some of the most famous and beautiful verse in Shakespeare’s oeuvre, it is one of his best-loved and most frequently performed plays. Large in scale and adored by audiences, it makes the perfect production for the theatre group to open their 2013 season.

“One of our overall goals is to provide the Nagoya community with the opportunity to come together, to be creative, and have some fun,” says Carl Bradley, Nameless Theatre’s artistic director. “Romeo and Juliet is perfect for this. We have about 60 cast and crewmembers in total from all parts of the world working together to put this show on. We’ve created a vibrant, multicultural environment for this show that is incredibly unique. It’s going to be a really exciting production.”

That large cast features many familiar faces from Nagoya’s community theatre scene, such as Michael Kruse, Jessica A Robison, and Leona Cameron. Zip FM radio-personality Chris Glenn will narrate the play, and new to the stage are community leaders Harry Hill, Harry Sullivan, and Matthew Fraser.

Performances will be held Friday, May 24th, at 7pm; Saturday, May 25th, at 2pm and 7pm; and Sunday, May 26th, at 2pm and 6pm. General admission tickets are ¥4,000 in advance (¥4,500 at the door), and student tickets are ¥3,000 (¥3,500 at the door). Tickets are available online at, by purchasing directly through cast and crew, or at the Aichi Arts Center Playguide in B2 of the Aichi Arts Center in Sakae. The show will be performed in English with Japanese subtitles.


About the Director:
Anthony Gilmore gained theatre experience working on dozens of productions across America (including the Broadway musical The Boy From Oz, starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Philip McKinley, the creative force behind the Broadway show Spiderman), before becoming actively involved in theatre in Nagoya. For Nameless Theatre he recently directed Proof (2012), and appeared as the lead role in Hamlet (2012). He is the CEO of the international production company Nameless Media and Productions.

The Obvious Circus with Daniel Ostrander: This Week’s Events

Saturday April 20
Crocodile Bambie at Huck Finn, Imaike
With some killer local rock acts, and the headlining band featuring Yoshihiro Yasui from nationally renowned Nagoya Thrash Metal group, Outrage. This show also features the reunion of local female three-piece Stone Edge, who rocked our with their xxxxs out back in the day. They’re like the Japanese equivalent of L7.Starts at 6:00, and bands performing in order are: The Probes, nibs, Stone Edge, Eternal Elysyum, Crocodile Bambie.

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