Nagoya Buzz Podcast with Dan Speight 3/28

DOWNLOAD THE MP3Nagoya Buzz is back, featuring our new host, Dan Speight from Natural English School and The Sexy Parties. Sign up for the Golden Week event The Pink Sexy, April 28th at Club Mago, at our event page.Also sign up for updates from Nagoya Buzz on what’s hot locally at our Facebook community page.Guest:Our guests this week are Tom Fallon and Mike Bagley from  local band Ghost of Matsubara. GOM is a prolific, progressive indie rock band with a large local and international following. Their next gig is in Tokyo on April 20th. Find more about GOM at their tumblr page, and download the free track “Into the Sun” at their CD baby page. Their album “From the Ashes Not Yet Cold” is also available on this link. Find Ghost of Matsubara on Facebook, and join their ever-growing list of fans, which presently stands at  around 3500!
The Obvious Circus with Daniel Ostrander: This week’s Events

Thursday 28



Zepp Nagoya in Nagoya from 16:00

This annual music fes always has an impressive lineup, but they’ve outdone themselves this year.  Weezer, NOFX & Simple Plan, just to name a few, make the 2-day ticket price of ¥10,500 a steal.  DOOR ¥6500


Friday 29


Aichi Arts Center in Sakae from 18:00

Taking a date to hear the crooning of R&B megastar Ne-Yo is an almost guaranteed pathway straight to her bed.  Be forewarned; it will not be you she is thinking about.  DOOR ¥8500

Thomas P. Heckman

Club About in Sakae from 10:00

In the 90s this German producer had a number of big hits in the acid rave scene.  Since this he’s applied his museum worth of synthesizers to everything from ambient music to techno.  His live style of mixing beats & samples with a drove of machines is definitely worth checking out this Friday.

Saturday 30


Nagoya Spring Jam

Flex Lounge in Sakae from 21:00

Formerly known as Cipher (aka The Underground), Flex is the perfect place for this event of new beginnings featuring Vinny Vintage, MDG, Chris Jay, Maddlove and a number of other live performances, along with support from DJs Bigg-S, scrying, Ghost Willy and a brood of sexy dancers.  You don’t want to miss this event.  It’s going to blow up!  ADV ¥2000 / DOOR ¥2500 (1D)

7th Anniversary Party

De Class Bar in Sakae from 22:00

Featuring the smooth R&B/Hip Hop mix of DeeJay Real, probably the nicest guy in the industry.

Budo Grape

Tokuzo in Imaike from 18:00

Fresh off their successful UK tour, Nagoya’s best electro-pop act is finally back in town.  But enjoy them while you can.  It seems they will be heading back on tour before the year is out.  DOOR ¥2300

The Arabian Nights

Standbar Junction in Sakae from 19:00

Featuring DJ Take, this night celebrates the culture & exoticism of the Middle East with a nice mix of energetic tribal music.  FREE

Sunday 31


The Best Brunch

Shooters in Fushimi from 11:00

A delicious melding of my 2 favorite meal times, Shooters is offering an affordable buffet style feast with eggs, pancakes, meats & juices.  Champagne & mimosas are also available, and kids 5 and under eat for free!  ¥1800


Reggae Hanami

Higashiyama Zoo & Gardens from 11:00

Big thanks to longtime reader Carl for the heads up for this cool twist on a seasonal classic.  Though I know nothing about any of the bands performing on this day, I do know that  Higashiyama park is a nice way to spend a beautiful day under the Sakura blooms.  The live music is just icing.  Tickets ¥500


Harmonium Parlour

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 19:00

Local indie superstars, Semi-On, continues to offer a sanctuary where all are welcome to be creative in & off the dance floor.  Besides all the great open-mic performances on the main stage, they also have an exhibition space on the second floorfrom Kristen Yetman and her students from the IPE.  If you’re looking for a venue to showcase your talent, drop them a line at  DOOR ¥1000 (1D)


Natural Rhythm

Club iD in Sakae from 19:00

It began in Africa… tribal house emphasizes the deep rhythms that speaks to us all on an evolutionary level.  Djs Andy S, Nick Shotter and Daniel Cheah with DJ Toida are going to take you back to your roots with this one.  With a sexy dance performance starting at 22:00.  MEN ¥3000 (4D) / WOMEN ¥2000 (2D)

Tuesday 2


Nagoya Swings Intermediate Workshop

Shooters in Fushimi from 19:00

Nagoya Swings is offering a middle of the week chance for everyone interested in learning some new steps.  This is a “Build On Your Basics” workshop, so an introductory knowledge of swing dance is preferred.  They’re offering 2 bi-lingual lessons for only ¥600.  Singles & couples are all welcome.



Public Image Ltd

Diamond Hall in Shinsakae from 18:30

Though the post-rock sound of PiL couldn’t be further from that of the Sex Pistols, the message from lead singer John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) remained the same: fuck everything.  DOOR ¥7500


Steve Forbert

Tokuzo in Imaike from 18:00

While we’re discussing 80s musicians; this talented Americana songwriter is probably best known for the hit Romeo’s TuneNashville legend Tim Easton will also perform on this night.  DOOR ¥5000


Wednesday 3


White Ash

Club Quattro in Sakae from 18:30 | ¥3,000)

I mention this J-rock band not because they make admittedly decent alt-rock, but because of their recent promo photos.  They don’t feature the band but a group of foreigners posing as them,  including my friend & ex-bandmate, Menya.  Strange gig, but kudos to his burgeoning model career.

Danny’s Top Picks for April

Friday 5

Boys Noize @ X-Hall

Saturday 6

Cable & Cable @ Taurus

Sunday 7

Bone Zero FINAL SHOW @ Shooters

Saturday 13

Treasure Island Auditions @ Nadya Park

Sunday 14

Rockit to the Moon @ Goya Moon

Friday 26

Afrojack @ Zepp Nagoya

Sunday 28

The Pink Sexy @ Club Mago

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