Nagoya Buzz Podcast Episode #49 Where's The Beef?

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101 Sign’s You’ve Been In japan Too Long (Including listening to this podcast)

This week on the podcast we give thought to the recently popular article “The 101 Signs You’ve Been in Japan Too Long” Its a mixed bag really. Have you been in Japan too long? What does that mean anyway? “Too long” The curmudgeons discuss natto, mixing Japanese with English in normal everyday convo  as well as some things those hilarious gaijin get up to in ye olde Nippon. It’s some funny listenin’ (((Double Face Palm)))

Tonbo Hida Beef Restaurant in Takaoka

Next up Adam discusses Tonbo, a Hida beef restaurant in Takaoka he’s just been too. Verdict: Awesome stuff, if a bit pricey. The best beef Japan has to offer in a convivial setting. Go with a group of four or more and the price drops, so go with some friends.

Open: 11:30-22:00 Daily

Call for reservations: (052) 932-7726

The music on this podcast was generously provided by The Michael Wade Band which will perform this Saturday at Taurus

Track (1) Heros And Legends
Track (2) Nothing
Track (3) Rubadub’n

What’s Nagging!

As usual Danny weaves his way through constant nagging and interruptions to deliver his take on what there is to do this weekend. Which is….

Thursday 16th

Zepp Nagoya (19:00 | ¥4000)
Danceable rock from yet-another Sapporo band (that place is the Seattle of Japan), plus their name means “Action Fish” (awesome!).  With the telephones, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE and more

Friday 17th

Club Quattro (19:00 | ¥6500)
More Nordic-born heavy metal than the mighty Mjölnir, hammer of Thor… yeah, I’m a geek.

Huck Finn (18:30 | ¥2500)
Enjoy this Birmingham band’s pop-punk before MTV gets a hold of it and uses it to soundtrack their programming ad nauseum.

Saturday 18th

The Michael Wade Band
Taurus (15:00 | ¥1000)
Back from a successful tour of Canada, local singer and songwriter Michael Wade is returning to the stage with belly dancer Ariane and Bodhi Kenyon.

Gold Experience
Café Domina (22:00 | ¥3000)
Live performance from the strangely splendid duo OBRIGARRD.  Admission comes with free food, but I don’t know that Domina has a kitchen… so, is that really a good thing?

Sunday 19th

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥5000)
I really dig this NYC band, but the fact they’re playing Quattro is the heart in my heartbreak.  However, the lo-fi awesomeness of supporting band Weekend may be just enough motivation to get me to shell out the 50 bones.

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