Nagoya Buzz Podcast Episode 47: Prison / Naked Man Festival Edition!

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Our string of erudite podcasts continues with this weeks winning performance by the Nag Buzz team as they debate the recent controversial case of Christopher Johnson who claims that not only was he refused re-entry into Japan after a trip to Korea, detained, escorted to an underground detention center by private security goons, forced to sign documents, accused of making false statements by his interpreter, shaken down for money, had his wife harassed for money, and forced to board a plane at gunpoint. Whew! The conclusion. Nobody knows what’s actually happening.  Read more about the case HERE

Next up we discuss the Hadaka Matsuri which takes place this Saturday Feb 4th. The crew is divided about whether hanging out in the cold to watch a bunch of men in loin cloths run around drunk and pour water all over themselves while trying to catch a naked man and touch him. Warning: Dick Jokes Ahead. Read more  HERE

The music on this podcast is generously provided by:
I Hate This Place “Flightsteps”
Ghost of Matsubara “Black Sheep”, “Shelter”

What’s Nagging? With “The Daniel Ostrander”

Friday 3rd

I Hate This Place
At K.D. Japon in Tsurumai

(19:00 | ADV ¥3,000 / DOOR ¥3,500)

Jumpstart February with the beautifully orchestrated indietronica of I Hate This Place with special guests, and NAG MAG favorites, Budo Grape.

Story Of The Year
At Club Quattro in Sakae
(19:00 | ¥5800)

This American alt-rock band used to be called Big Blue Monkey.They should’ve stuck with that.Their music still sucked, but at least that name was less misleading.

Saturday 4th

Laurent Garnier
At Club JB’s in Sakae
(22:00 | ¥3,000)

While most deep house music could be used as a sure-fire cure for insomnia, this French producer makes a decent attempt to keep his tracks fresh with sultry vocals & funky rhythms.

At Club Mago in Shinsakae
(22:00 | ¥3,000)

Album release party from this Tokyo Dubstep pioneer featuring a whole cast of DJs with that bass-heavy warble.

Alien Invasion! 

At Cavolo in Toyohashi (7 minutes walk from Toyohashi Station)
(19:30 |¥1500 Includes 1 Drink)

The hottest foreign led bands in Nagoya and Toyohashi want you to rock!  featuring molotov u.s.k (豊橋), Ghost of Matsubara(名古屋), Shibata Heavy Industries(名古屋) and Snack Mama(豊橋)


Sunday 5th

Bone Zero at Shooters in Fushimi
(19:00 | ¥300)

This collection of good ol’ boys & their spot on covers of classic rock favorites is just the raucous conclusion your weekend needs!  And when you get the chance, make sure you shout out “Free Bird” a one or 30 times.Tom & crew love that!

Facebook Event Page


At Club Buddha in Shinsaake
(19:00 | ¥2,000)

I got my start as a DJ playing indy rock, so I’ve got an obvious soft spot in my heart for these gigs, especially when they feature DJ Yamada of File-Under Records in Osu, the best supplier of indie label vinyl in Aichi.

Peabo Bryson

At Blue Note in Sakae
(2 shows | ¥8,500)

He’s mostly guilty for “A Whole New World” being used as a torture device in karaoke halls all over.

Monday 6th

Avril Lavigne

At Nihon Gaishi Hall
(19:00 | DOOR ¥8,500 / ¥16,000)

Last May, the princess of faux-punk, along with many others, cancelled their Japan tours in wake of the triple Tohoku disasters.  And though there are so many other reasons not to go, “abandons her fans” is at the very top

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