Nagoya Buzz Podcast: Episode 35 "Merry Holloween!"

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This week’s tracks (Higher Than Now and My Everything) are generously provided by Alexander Sonoir

Special “SEXY” Guest!

This week the Nagoya Buzz crew talk with Daniel Speight of Super Eight Productions about the upcoming Sexy Halloween Party on Sat. Oct 29th at Gen’s 2nd. In addition to a haunted house,  Two iPad prizes for best costume, Two Pole Dancing Shows and Two Sexy Daemons of the underworld dancing in cages there will also be heated stations provided by California Patio for getting body art or body jewelry designs by Gelsomino or special effects make-up done by David Mazzucchi.

Also the first 30 people through the door who have clicked “attending” on the event facebook page will get a free “私は ザ セクシー” (I am The Sexy) T-shirt Courtesy of Sweatshop Union.

Non-stop musical delights will be provided by DJs Rafa (Pop House/Hip Hop), Ghost Willy (Hip Hop),Vinny Vintage (Hip Hop), dij (Pop House/House), Junk (House), PauloAtNight (House) and Mai, a.k.a Chang Mai (House).

To 4S or Not to 4S

Also this week we talk iPhone – in particular the iPhone 4S. Is it worth getting the new phone or should you wait for the inevitable iPhone 5 which could come up in another 6 months. Who knows but the crew all has an opinion. Also with the iPhone now available on AU is it time for non-softcrap subscribers to drink the Kool-Aid?

Merry Halloween

The inevitable holiday mish-mash that is the Halloween/ Christmas season gets a good airing. Adam is already practicing Christmas carols at his school. Too soon? The Nag Buzz crew weighs in.

What’s Nagging

Daniel Ostrander of  The Obvious Circus runs down this weekend’s events. Here are his suggestions for your pre-Halloween partying entertainment.

Friday 21
Owl City at Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6000)
Adam Young returns to Nagoya with his laptop-born sound enjoyed by tweens & anyone else who’s never heard The Postal Service.

Saturday 22
House Revenge at Club Mago in Shinsakae from 22:00 (ADV ¥3000 / DOOR ¥3500 (1 FREE Redbull)

Tokyo’s DJ EMMA will be spinning his rocking house mixes, his sets are some of the best you’re likely to hear at Mago after DJ OGAWA. Luckily, on this night, you’ll get both of them inciting the crowd to dance.

MATERIAL at Club About in Sakae from (21:00 | ¥2000)

Hot on their heels of their set at last weekend’s Rocktoberfest, DJs Babur & Edges will be guesting at this underground sounds party with a special live performance from Alexander Sonoir who have provided the music for this week’s podcast).  This one if for fans of the tech-iest house & the deep-iest of

Material Event Page On Facebook

White Snake at Kariya Culture Center (16:30 | ¥8500)
In the 80s, these guys were big-haired rock gods, packing 10,000 screaming fans in stadiums across the globe.  Now, they’re playing community centers to a house of 1,000 at 16:30 in the afternoon.  But we remember the magic! These guys will dial it to 11!

Sunday 23
Nagoya Writes at The Mondo Lounge (16:00pm – 18:30pm)
Come and join this local writers group for an  afternoon of fiction and poetry readings!  As an added bonus, since it’s being held at Mondo Lounge, you can also take some affordable reading material home with you.  They have an excellent selection of pre-loved books, CDs & DVDs.

Nagoya Writes Event Page On Facebook

Nagoya Writes Website

The Mondo Lounge

Nagoya’s NEW Pub Quiz at The Elephant’s Nest (20:00 – 22:00)

Pub Quiz @ The Elephant’s Nest in Fushimi from 20:00
9 rounds of brain-frying questions: WHO THE F*** ARE YOU??, HISTORY, POT LUCK, SPORTS, SPACE AND SPACE EXPLORATION, WHERE THE F*** ARE YOU?, HELP – MY BRAIN EXPLODED!! (written round), MUSIC (listening round), BET THAT HURT! (movie round – the topic is MOVIE DEATH SCENES) Prizes for the top 3 teams plus spot prizes and a booby prize for the most intellectually challenged team!  Anyone is welcome. You can just turn up and join another team. Or if you are very smart, you can form a team on your own!  800 Yen per person (any profits go to charity)

The Elephant’s Nest On NAGMAG

The Elephant’s Nest Website

Nagoya’s NEW Pub Quiz Event Page On Facebook

Tuesday 25
Kaki King at Blue Note (17:30/20:30 | ¥5800)
Hailing from Georgia, Kaki King will amaze you with her “finger-style” fanning & frenetic fret tapping… which does sound a bit dirty.


This week’s tracks (Higher Than Now and My Everything) are generously provided by Alexander Sonoir

Download The Nagoya Buzz Podcast HERE


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