Nagoya Buzz Podcast – Aroma Edition!

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The music on this week’s Podcast is by the extremely awesome dudes of Satellite Stories who will be playing KD Japon on June 21st. This Indie party band from Finland will also play gigs at Urbanguild (Kyoto) on June 22 and O-Nest (Tokyo) on the 24th.

We’re Baaack…

After our splashy season 3 premier episode two weeks ago we had a slight setback when The Daniel (Ostrander) left us standing at the podcast alter. This week he is back, along with Daniel Speight who gives us an update on plans for The Aroma Sexy on Saturday, June 9th at Gen’s 2nd.

The 5th “Sexy” party is offering up the first non-smoking club event in NAG. Cage dancers, belly dancers, pole dancers and more in an energetically aroma scented environment. Don’t miss it! ¥2,500 (1 drink) 19:30-23:00

What’s Nagging?

With the return of The Daniel comes the return of our event calendar. Drum roll please…

Thursday 31st

Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 Demo
Club Mago in Shinsakae from 20:00
FREE exhibition of Pioneer’s newest innovation of DJ tech with Ogawa & Nick Edges

Saturday 2nd

Sakae Spring
11 locations in Sakae from 12:00
This 2-day event is showcasing nearly 200 musicians from around Japan in what could possibly be the best music festival in Nagoya.  ONE DAY ¥3,000 / TWO DAYS ¥5,000

Big Beach Festival 2012
Some Beach in Chiba from 10:00
Chemical Brothers AND Beardy Man live make this far-off beach festival well worth the trip.  ¥10,500

Plastic Factory in Imaike from 22:00
Exciting night of nothing but house music with DJs Nick Sharp & Kaol with special guest DJ Ten.  DOOR ¥1500 (1D)

Sunday 3rd

Daihachi Ryodan
Nagoya Gakusei Expo in Central Park from 18:00
This long-running rock band is with more Latin-jazz-rock-reggae-psychedelic-enka-punk under the TV tower.  FREE!

Download The Nagoya Buzz Podcast HERE

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