Nagoya Buzz Podcast: Season 2 Premiere!

Listen to the NAG BUZZ Podcast Here!

Nagoya’s No. 1 English-language podcast (Is there another one?) is back!

Special Guest Ray Proper

This week we have special guest Ray Proper who talks about blowing stuff up in The Marine Corps, petting (and occasionally spanking?) dolphins, his work with computers and as a well known local blogger. Also he has not killed anyone (yet).

What We Did (While We Weren’t Doing This Podcast) Last Summer

Of course everyone wants to know what we did last summer so sit back and suffer in silence at Rangi’s languid discussion of how sweaty he got, the action-packed visit to Japan by Adam’s father and Danny’s hot, hot summer vacay in Texas! You’ll be begging for mercy!

What’s Nagging?

In What’s Nagging, Daniel Ostrander runs down the local events worth checking out in Nag this week. Get a rundown HERE

As always we have music. The first track is by local artist Vinny Vintage who will be appearing at The Sexy Halloween Event being held on Sat Oct 29th at Gen’s 2nd. Awesome stuff.

Listen to the NAG BUZZ Podcast Here!

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