Nagoya Buzz Episode 45 (Secret Edition)

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The Nagoya Buzz crew is BACK! For our first show of the final year of… well ever… And how else would a discussion of the end times begin with a brief look at what we all watched on TV over the New Year’s break. It gets ugly folks.

This week’s special guest is Dan Speight from Super Eight Productions who drops by to talk about the Secret Sexy Party happening this Saturday at 7 pm.  What’s the secret? Well Dan gives us a few hints. You’ll have to listen to the podcast yourself to find out! Hint… they’ll be giving away two iPod Nano’s to two of the sexiest partiers of the evening. Also if you want to get a “Watashi Wa The Sexy” T-shirt be sure to sign up to the event’s facebook page and list yourself as “going” if you’re on that list and one of the first 30 people through the door you’ll get a free shirt!


As always “The” Daniel Ostrander (or Vitamin D as we now call him) is back with What’s Nagging:

Friday 13th

Danny Howells Japan Tour at Club JB’s in Sakae from 21:00

International star DJ Danny Howells is bringing his “deepsexyfuturistictechfunkhouse” back to JB’s with support from DJs Andy S, Babur, e-M and more. ADV ¥2500 / DOOR ¥3000

EPOCH 00/01 at Huck Finn in Imaike from 19:30
You can always trust Huck Finn to come up with the most abstruse event name’s that in no way pertain to the actual band’s performing, which is saying a lot in Japan.  Love will tear us apart, Climb The Mind, POP-OFFICE & helpme.  Door ¥2500

Saturday 14th

The Secret Sexy at Gen’s 2nd in Sakae from 19:00
The Sexy parties made a huge impact on the Nag-scene in 2011, and their starting 2012 off with a clandestine twist that even I am not aware of.  Seriously, your guess is as good as mine.  DOOR ¥2000 (Nano prize giveaways to the two sexiest party goers)

No Woman No Cry at Music Bar Bob in Kamimaezu from 19:30
This new joint has shot to the top of my list of favorite things of 2012 by being both a new sound bar & the host of the only all-female performers night I am aware of, twice a month even!  The inaugural night features the soulful Lyco from Osaka with a number of equally talented locals.  DOOR ¥2300

Nagoya Metro Party at Lover:Z in Shinsakae from 22:00
To help ring in the year of the dra-queen (see what I did there?), Nagoya’s longest running all-of-the-above-sexual party is going to be more fabulous than ever this month with the wildest floorshow in town & the hottest dance music from DJ e-M and the rest of the Metro crew.  DOOR ¥2500 (2D)

Sunday 15th

2Cellos at Diamond Hall in Shinsakae from 17:00
With their crowd-pleasing renditions of rock classics such as Welcome To The Jungle, this young duo does for the cello what Yo-Yo Ma in his infinite talent never could; make it cool. DOOR ¥6900

Wednesday 18th

Fleet Foxes Club Quattro in Sakae from 19:00
The Grammy-nominated goodness that is their newest album is a damn fine reason for me to put aside my Quattro-boycott for another week.  I’m a sucker for beautifully crafted baroque folk.   DOOR ¥6300

Pet Bottle Ningen K.D. Japon in Tsurumai from 19:00
A sound that could only be birthed on the creative streets on downtown NYC; ultramodern, rule-breaking & chotto terrifying.  DOOR ¥2500

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