Nagoya Buzz #59 With Special Guest Chris Glenn

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This week’s music:

Track 1)  Big Night Outer by  Tomo Shaga Tribute Band. They will be playing the Reichelt Japan Tour at K.D. Japon in Tsurumai Thursday  June 28th at19:30

Track 2)  Black Sheep  by The Ghost of Matsubara

The Chris & Cart Talk

This week on the show we welcome local gaijin super-celebrity Chris Glenn who chats with Carter Witt about… well randomly about a lot of different stuff. Radio, The media. The earthquake. The sucky economy. You get the idea. Hold on folks it gets a bit bumpy. Imagine “Grumpy Old Men” meets “Rashamon” that’s pretty much what you can expect.


Three Guys and a Microphone

As part of our ongoing “Hey let’s pimp the cool stuff our staff is doing!” we welcome more cast members from the upcoming play “Three Men and a Pub” written by podcast alum Adam Miller and directed by “The Daniel” Ostrander. This week cast members Will Taylor (aka DJ Scrying),  and Ian Roth drop by to talk about their parts in the play. Meanwhile the new monthly contributor to NAGMAG Mark Guthrie previews a couple of articles he has penned for the July issue of the mag.

What’s Nagging

As usual Daniel Ostrander chats about what is (or as is the case this week) is NOT happening in the Nags. Here so far is what we’ve got for you!

Thursday 31st

Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 Demo

Club Mago in Shinsakae from 20:00

FREE exhibition of Pioneer’s newest innovation of DJ tech with Ogawa & Nick Edges

Saturday 2nd

Sakae Spring

11 locations in Sakae from 12:00

This 2-day event is showcasing nearly 200 musicians from around Japan in what could possibly be the best music festival in Nagoya.  ONE DAY ¥3000 / TWO DAYS ¥5000

Big Beach Festival 2012

Some Beach in Chiba from 10:00

Chemical Brothers AND Beardy Man live make this far-off beach festival well worth the trip.  ¥10,500


Plastic Factory in Imaike from 22:00

Exciting night of nothing but house music with DJs Nick Sharp & Kaol with special guest DJ Ten.  DOOR 1500 (1D)

Sunday 3rd

Daihachi Ryodan

Nagoya Gakusei Expo in Central Park from 18:00

This long-running rock band is with more Latin-jazz-rock-reggae-psychedelic-enka-punk under the TV tower.  FREE

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