NAGMAG presents Coindrop 62 at GC Live
November 7, 2016


NAGMAG’s weekly live streaming podcast Nagoya Buzz is proud to present our first ever live concert with an audience at GC Live with a very special performance from Coindrop 62.

As the house band for the upcoming stage musical Jukebox Paradise, Coindrop 62 is a super group of Nagoya talent; with Dave Freeman on keyboard, Takashi Terada and Brad Manson on guitar, bass player Naoki Takahashi and Yoshimine Kondo on the drums.

The musical and the band were both created by local singer and songwriter, Brian Cullen, who provides the vocals for Coindrop 62.

On Monday, October 3, they will be playing their original rock and roll from the show before a live audience simultaneously live streamed via facebook.

Between sets the band will answer questions from the Nagoya Buzz hosts, as well as the audience.

If you would like to be a guest audience member, sign up here. Seating is limited. There is no charge and drinks will be available for ¥500

We will broadcast the show live on the Nagoya Buzz Facebook page, and it will be available on their iTunes page later that week.

KPB Theatre and the Nagoya Players will present Brian Cullen’s Jukebox Paradise at the Chikusa Playhouse beginning on November 26th.

To watch the Live Stream in Monday September 26 point your browser here:

Rebroadcast as an audio podcast on itunes here:

GC Live:

KPB Theatre

Nagoya Players

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