NAG ROCK: Stone Edge

Stone Edge are goddesses of grunge! This Nagoya-based heavy rock band is tight, slathered with infectious bass grooves, and resonant with memorable melodies. They mix their rhythmic avalanche with the kind of arresting, punchy vocals that make you wonder where the hell these spunky wenches have been all your life!

Stone Edge is one of Nagoya’s rock institutions, and the mere mention of their name ignites sparks of excitement when spoken in local live houses and practice halls. Their line-up went through a number of changes before melding into the hard-hitting combination of Rika Taira (vocals/guitar), Noriko Osugi (bass), and Chihiro Suzuki (drums). Back in the late ‘90s, they played monthly at Nagoya’s underground live houses, toured Tokyo and Osaka, and even played the Iwakuni Naval Base before disbanding in 2000.

Then, after 13-years of silence, like Courtney Love coming red-faced and wet-haired out of the toilet, Japan’s answer to L7 returned to the stage this past April for an epically stunning reminder of their grungy divinity. They weren’t four beats into their first song before the huge crowd of diehard fans at Huck Finn erupted into a blurred maelstrom of bouncing heads, whirling elbows, and flying boots. Like iron molecules thrust into a blacksmith’s furnace, the crowd fired-up and lost control! Any hint of their 13-year hiatus was instantly obliterated, as these devilishly tattooed darlings transported punters back in time to the glory days of heavy rock.

“Ah shit!”, you’re thinking. “First show in 13 years, and I missed it. Fuck my horoscope, and fuck the Daily Mail, too.” But don’t fret, these girls are not done assaulting your pathetic little ears just yet. Back with the recent, powerful addition of new member Taiji on guitar, Stone Edge has two cranium-smashing gigs coming up this August. As if you weren’t gonna be hot enough already, get ready to sweat!
– Daniel Speight

Upcoming Shows:
Moto-fest, August 3rd at Huck Finn
Araya Matsuri, August 17th at Huck Finn

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