NAG ROCK: Snack Mama

Put on you’re ripped jeans and crack open another Strong Zero; we’re off to the Snack Mama show! Now we ain’t gonna try to pull the wool over your sheep blinders; these guys live just up the tracks in Toyohashi. Because they rock like no other, and since they’re always happy to bring their mix of raw, old skool punk and Chuhi-fueled grunge to our fair city of Nagoya, we had to give them dues.

Snack Mama started on a whim. Pete Lyons, formerly of Molotov USK, called on local guitarist Dave Thomas to throw together an opening act for one of their shows. Dave explains that the raw energy was just there. The live chemistry felt so good that they knew halfway through the first song of the set that Snack Mama was no mere hors d’oeuvre! This crunching locomotive of pure punk intensity was to be the main course!

Dave brings a frantic Ramones-esque power chord-driven riot to Pete’s infectious bass grooves. The entire package explodes with Kiichi’s relentless barrage of driving drums. Snack Mama’s straightforward retro punk approach pulls no punches.

The guys recorded their first full-length album, This Gaijin, in late 2012. The songs reflect the highs and lows of living as a foreigner in Japan. Their song Pachinko is a mid-tempo overdrive drenched lament about the woes of chasing shiny metal balls. Strong Zero is a sleek and heavy ode to the band’s choice of Chu-hi. But, my personal favorite from both the CD and their live shows is Big Black Bus, which goes off on those noise polluting nationalists that drive around blaring their xenophobic propaganda. Love it!

Look up Snack Mama on either CDBaby or iTunes, and check out their killer CD, This Gaijin, today! – Randall Lorax

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