NAG ROCK: Shark Ethic

As you stare down from the distant safety of your glitzy, blinking disco halls, the black and murky waters of Nagoya’s underground hardcore scene may at first seem placid.  But, the thrashing reality that lies just beneath the surface has taken form in the shape of a ravenous Great White. Shark Ethic is not only one of Nagoya’s premier metalcore bands; they are one of Nagoya’s most significant bands in ANY genre!

There is always blood in the water, because Shark Ethic attacks with an intensity that does justice to their name. Singer Josh Wilson spews forth his guttural roar igniting a firestorm of inspirational lyrics as he stirs sweaty and bruised fans into a frenzy of raw energy. Dual guitarists Neji and Teru weave a cross-stitched web of killer metal riffs and shredding melodic leads. Zaru pounds out bone crushing hardcore ferocity on the bass while drummer AJ kicks and slams his intricate beats with all the calm and subtlety of an errant machine gun sucking down plutonium rounds.

Shark Ethic formed in late 2009 when Neji, Teru, and former drummer Pablo, who were already in established bands, wanted to start something new. They soon recruited Josh, a hardcore enthusiast and a familiar face in the Nagoya hardcore scene, to grab the mic and give the vocals some teeth. After a few hiccups trying to find a bassist, Zaru joined the group. Shark Ethic played their first show with other local bands in February 2010, and cultivated a strong following straight from the start. Due to their unforgettable live performances the offers to play other shows started to roll in. They recorded their single, ‘Walk The Plank’. Later in 2010 they recorded a 3-track demo. But, it wasn’t until 2011 when a Tokyo hardcore label, Alliance Trax, signed Shark Ethic and they released their full-length album ‘Torn Between’. They then embarked on a self-promoted Japan wide tour in early 2012. In August of last year, Shark Ethic released another single, ‘Avalanche’, which is free to download on their homepage.

Over the past three and a half years Shark Ethic has shared the stage with some of the world’s finest metal and hardcore bands including a tour with Comeback Kid and the Ghost Inside in 2011. They played with Your Demise twice in 2011 and 2012, and Gideon in 2013. They have also supported August Burns Red, Underoath, Darkest Hour, Emmure, Terror, Bane, Between The Buried and Me, and Animals As Leaders to name a few. I guess it’s true that sharks never stop swimming – nor go hungry!

Catch Shark Ethic on Saturday, June 15th, at Nagoya BLstudio as they amplify the paroxysm of mayhem alongside Tokyo hardcore favorites Otus and Stand United for the Weekend Tour 2013.
– Radall Lorax

Upcoming Shows:
Weekend Tour 2013, June 15th
at Nagoya BLstudio


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