NAG ROCK: Mujica

DSC_1983As Nagoya’s iconic TV Tower casts it’s needle upward toward the fetid night sky, a steady pulse begins to tremble and quake beneath your feet. At first you try to tell yourself that it must be the Meijo-line below as another train comes roaring to a stop at the ever bustling Sakae Station. But no mechanical transport can breath and thump with such relentless passion. What you hear is alive! You have just stumbled upon Sakae’s central cyclone for live music, Mujica.

Emanating from a sound system designed to endure the trials of true rock n’ roll, that alluring forbidden beat draws you down, further and further until you reach a heavy gray door with that one vague word scrawled across it: “Mujica” Beyond that immense cold stone barrier lies a dynamic world of intense live music, from rock and punk to metal, hardcore, jazz fusion, and more. Their spacious, well maintained stage has recently hosted The Key Project, one of Tokyo’s true musical jewels. Check out Mujica’s website for the latest live schedule.

Tatenomachi Bldg B2F,
3-6-15 Nishiki

Tel: (052) 962-4169

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