NAG ROCK: Live is Not Dead

They said it was dead… And you had every reason to think they were right… Stagnancy had expelled it’s brackish, fetid breath; extinguishing your hopes for a ray of light to come piercing through to the depths. You lost faith in revitalization, and began to slowly sucumb to Nagoya’s regurgitated waters of revolving discotheques. But, what you thought was dead…was not. Rather this eternal spirit of life, love, and rebellion was merely resting. It was gathering strength, defining redefinition, and –  in the tradition of Ozzy or the Stones – biding its time to return… Well, the time has come… The time has come to RocK!!

Fighting for survival in a vast sea of staunch, established pay-to-play live venues, the ever-evolving rock scene takes many shapes as it thunders through Nagoya’s underbelly. NAGMAG has seen the rising waves begin to stir as this hungry leviathan – that is the thriving unsung live music community – kicks forth with intensity towards the awaiting frozen surface; frothing with a raw savagery and pulsing with enough ferocity to break forth and dispel that foul stagnancy that has become the zombifying background noise of this city’s pub-club life.

Here is NAGMAG’s run down of some of the most noteworthy bands currently tearing and clawing their way through Nagoya’s music scene. We’ve also explored some of our city’s hottest live music venues so you’ll know where to go and what to expect. Of course, we regret that not all the myriad of talented acts could be mentioned in this issue. But, we think we’ve focused our magnifying glass on just the right mixture of power chord driven tinder to cure you of this toki-doki tepid town.


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