NAG ROCK: Huck Finn

7286485014_e0af8b19ae_zHuck Finn has it all. A quick glance at their monthly schedule gets you bands dressed like The Cure, grindcore nights, J-punk rock, pansy-assed regular J-rock for the kiddies, and all the bizarre variations of English band names the Japanese education system could muster (including quite a few using ‘bastard’). Huck Finn has a great sound system and great engineers so whatever you choose to see it’s gonna sound good. Admission ranges from ¥1500 to ¥4000 plus a ¥500 drink depending on the night. And, there is a really good bar connected to the venue so you can level up after you rock out. Huck Finn is located in Imaike near the Daiei supermarket, two and a half blocks from Hirokoji-dori.

Ishii Bldg B1
5-19-7 Imaike

Tel: (052) 733-8347

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