NAG ROCK: Club Zion

stayhigh54-5Zion is where you wanna be when the usual one-coin bars don’t offer the kind of sordid atmosphere that your darker side craves. Club Zion is a cramped dark cavern, but this tiny black box packs a leather studded punch. Given Zion’s close quarters, you are more than likely to meet that new favorite hard-working foreign band that you’ve never heard of. And, these unsung metal gypsies are sure to be supported by the best of local Japanese metal and hardcore, so there will be plenty of shoulder rubbing backstage to balance out the donkey-punch circus that will inevitably take form in front of the stage. Sound is good and the vibe is friendly. Usual damage is about ¥2500 plus a ¥500 drink ticket to the front desk – and a tooth to the moshpit. Enter at your own risk.

Gion Bldg 1F
2-1-10 Kamimaezu

Tel: (052) 339-2331

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