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iD Halloween

iD Cafe from 19:00 – also on Saturday and Sunday

iD is known for having huge halloween parties, and this year promises to be no different. Spread over three epic nights, you would be doing yourself a disservice but not partying hard at iD on at least one of them. Girls in costume get in for free until 21:30 all three nights! Friday: Men ¥4000 Women ¥3000. Saturday: ¥5000 / ¥4000. Sunday: ¥3000 / ¥3000. All include four drinks.

Disco Party

Shooters in Fushimi at 18:00

Much like a zombie hoard, disco just won’t die… and it eats your brains. However, if you dig that sound from the 70s, than squeeze into your bell bottoms, tease up your fro and head over to Nagoya Life’s Halloween Mixer with great live music from Semi-On and DJ dij. ADV ¥3500 / DOOR ¥4000 (all you can eat and drink)

Nagoya Friends

Red Rock in Sakae at 18:00

Considering Australia is a country where 99% of the animal population wants to kill you, this party from Nagoya’s #1 Australian-themed eatery is rather tame. Costume contests, games, food and drinks are all well and good (and at only ¥3000, a steal). But if you’re looking to scare people, ya need to tap into that “THIS is a knife” spirit, mate.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Mondo Lounge in Kamimaezu at 20:00

Dr. Frank N. Furter him-her-self would be waiting for this one with antici… pation! Since its 1975 release, this interactive rock and roll cult classic has become a Halloween tradition. You’ll laugh, scream, dance, throw toast, and do the Time Warp again! ¥750 admission includes goody bag for audience participation. Only ¥500 if you come in costume. More info on Facebook: Rocky Horror – Nagoya.

Saturday, October 29

The Sexy Halloween

Gen’s 2nd in Sakae at 21:00

The devil has come to Nagoya, and he’s going to be tempting you with pleasures of the flesh: costumed ladies dancing in cages and on poles, revealing body art, grotesque SFX makeup and dance music so hot it burns like hellfire. This party will leave you with a stain on your soul, among other places.

The Absolute Halloween

Club JB’s, Club About, Café Domina, Tightrope and the Red Rock at 21:00

The Stereophonic Absolute Halloween just keeps getting bigger and better every year. This year, it starts at Club JB’s, spreads out to several different party locales in East Sakae and includes far too many DJs and performers to include here. A landmark event on the Nagoya party calendar.

Elephant’s Nest Halloween

Elephant’s Nest in Fushimi

Everyone’s favorite English-style pub will be throwing a halloween bash this night. Don’t miss out!

Vabel Halloween Party

Vabel in Nagoya Station at 22:00

Vabel’s halloween party promises prizes galore and a free drink for girls (in costume)! A good choice if you are going to be in the Nagoya Station area. Men: ¥1000 (2D) before 11pm, ¥1500 after (3D). Women: ¥500 (1D) before 11pm, ¥1000 after (2D).

Tracks Halloween Party

Tracks Bar in Hakuba

If you’re heading up to Hakuba (and it’s a beautiful time if year to), you have no excuse to miss the halloween party going on at Tracks Bar. DJs and live music!

Costume Party

MyBar in Sakae from 20:00

If the creatures of the night look anything like the staff of MyBar, than I seriously doubt many people would mind being devoured by them. This party is a must just to see what they will, or won’t, be wearing. ¥3000 (all you can drink)

Halloween Mixer

Shooters at 18:00

When the sun goes down, the nightmare begins right here at the first party of the night including a  costume contest, ice-breaker games and the hot mashup tunage of DJ scrying. ADV ¥3500 / DOOR ¥4000 (all you can eat and drink)

Helloween Rock Show

Six-DOG at 18:00

Local rock supergroup Ghost of Matsubara will be haunting this loud live house on the east end with the murder metal of Shibata Heavy Industries and more TBA. Tickets are ¥2000, which includes one free drink.

Kids Halloween Party

Shooters at 11:30

Children of the Corn, The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby… KIDS ARE CREEPY! And you can give your little monster the chance to trick or treat, enjoy games and a costume parade for only ¥1200, adults ¥1500.

Sunday, October 30

Dancing Evil

Shooters in Fushimi at 19:00

The final day of this holiday of horror is brought to you by Nagoya Swings. Like Dr. Frankenstein, they’re breathing new life into the music and fashion of the roaring 20s, and offering free dance lessons on this night with live music and a DJ. ADV ¥3500 / DOOR ¥4000 (all you can eat and drink)

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