As we all get a little older here, our assumption that we are still in touch with the Nagoya club scene when we reminisce about Underground and Atlantic may be a little off.

So I thought I’d take one for the team and venture into the bright lights and EDM of Nagoya to bring back tales of what the cool kids are into now; who they’re seeing and where they’re at. 16 clubs, four nights, two photographers, and a groupie. And I am still alive and STI-free to tell the tale.

I’ve been told that the stank leg in my nae nae is off the hook (maybe thanks to some early-stage arthritis), so I thought I’d do pretty well at the clubs. But to be honest, I hadn’t ventured into any of these venues for what feels like a generation; my best Saturday nights are not banging my head back and forth to monotonous beats. So with fresh eyes (not jaded at all, I promise) I waded through the horny, EDM generation and found a few surprises. Whoever you are, or whoever you are pretending to be, you’ll find somewhere to go in the Nag at Nite (I might stay home though).

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