NAG NITELIFE 2015: The People

These are the people of the NAG at NITE scene; the coolest kids – the promoters, performers and the DJs. These are the best people to tell us about the health of the Nagoya club scene (I’m not the only one who is over EDM). I needed their skooling so that the next time I talk to someone under 30 I feel like an equal, not some kind of am-I-really-over-30-something-scenester.

Imagine me running around with a camera crew, translator and a groupie getting up in their elusive, swank faces. Yes, you should be thankful; it was a tough gig going to all the best parties and speaking to the coolest people in the Nag. Here is their wisdom; use it wisely so you can also be cool again, just like me (right?).

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