NAG NITELIFE 2015: Miku Devine

Miku DevineName: Miku Devine

Hood: Portland

Claim to fame: American drag queen, got my start at Metro but has performed all over Japan

Best night in the Nag: The Metro Party. It allows me to dress up and perform. And the atmosphere is very diverse. It’s a big mix of people: gay, transsexual, transgender, lesbian, straight, young and old. It makes me feel happy and comfortable.

What gets your booty shakin’: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj but also Japanese stuff like Perfume. I have to have lyrics, so house is great. I like Trance. My favorite band is Above and Beyond.

Love/hate Nag nightlife: With Metro I feel like I’m in this family, with the same people that I see every night. It’s a friendlier atmosphere. When I go to Tokyo, I just feel like a stranger.

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