NAG NITELIFE 2015: Links


When iD shuts their doors, releasing a wave of drunk and hot to trot revelers onto the streets, there are more than a few options. And this one is right across the street. Run by the affable Eddie, you’ll find an atmosphere that allows you to do what you wanna do – have harmless late night drinks, a secret encounter or just shake your ass (which may lead to a secret or more public encounter).

The hip hop DJs mix everything from the newest hits to the oldest of old school. And Links doesn’t have a cover charge, like most post-iD venues, ‘cause they know people are gonna come.

So if you’ve invested the former part of your night in that special someone, Links is the place where you will find out if you’re gonna seal the deal.

Map Page 30 | B2
(052) 242-6700

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