NAG NITELIFE 2015: Daniel Cheah

Daniel CheahName: Daniel Cheah

Hood: Melbourne

Claim to fame: One of the hardest working DJs in Nagoya who also happens to be good at wiggling his ears

What gets your booty shakin’: Red Rock, Shooters, Domina, Mi Casa, Out Records and JB’s. We gotta bring the positive party spirit everywhere we go. There are plenty of good clubs and venues here that I haven’t had the pleasure of going to yet.

Best night in the Nag: I’ve had my best nights at The Plastic Factory and Mago. Some artists I dig at the moment are Zapp & Roger, Parliament, Mark Knight, Moto Blanco, Tuxedo and Major Lazer. That stuff is gold.

Love/hate Nag nightlife: It’s all up to us. It sounds like a stupid answer but I honestly think that if we choose to party and have a good time we can, if not, we won’t. Having fun is a lot closer than we expect.

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