NAG NITELIFE 2015: clubs we recommend

If you want to delve deeper into the Nag at Nite scene, here’s a few smaller clubs we recommend:

Steps in Sakae, right across the street from iD. A great after-hours club with amazing DJs and friendly peeps. Map Page 30 | B2 (052) 242-7544

If you need a break from the K-pop at Mixx, check out Topps, the hip-hop space just one flight up. Map Page 30 | 3B

Out Records in Sakae is one of the best indie vinyl shops by day, and a great little sound bar at night. Map Page 30 | B3 (052) 269-5525

Club About, just down the street from JB’s and with the same underground vibe as Domina, is big with the techno crowd. And if you don’t like what they’re playing, DIY at their Open DJ nights and lay down your own soundtrack. Map Page 30 | D2

Club Buddha in Shinsakae is a great place to throw your own party, especially if it’s of the retro or reggae kind. (052) 251-5450

No one does reggae bigger than Radix. Located a bit out of the way near Tsurumai station; if you’re going, plan on staying the whole night (which isn’t difficult). (052) 332-0073

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