NAG Live – October, 2014

Wednesday 1

Lefties Soul Connection
Bottom Line (18:00 | ¥6,000)
Good on this funk band for eschewing stereotypical views of Dutch music, which began with death metal and ended with EDM.

Friday 3

Delano Smith
Club JB’s (22:00 | ¥3,000)
After a mind-numbing week at work you just need to leave it all on the dance floor. The soulful deep house of Detroit’s Delano Smith will get you there.

Alejandro Mosso
Club Mago (22:00 | ¥2,500)
Summer is gone, and the chilly grip of autumn is draining the memory of the sun from your skin. Thankfully, Alejandro Mosso’s mixes are pure hypothermia-protection, infused with music reminiscent of tropical beaches.

Saturday 4

Ghost of Matsubara
Gotham City (19:00 | ¥FREE)
It seems like GoM heard my whinging about the lack of a new album, because I got a message that they’ve started crowd-funding for their next release in 2015. Let’s help make it happen faster at Then catch them this month playing for free with Blood Iris at Nagoya’s newest live house.

Omnium Gatherum
Taurus (18:00 | ¥5,000)
You can enjoy the symphonic metal of this Finnish band if you have anything left after having your face rocked off by openers Walking After U; Nagoya is going to love these ladies of K-rock.

Tenth Anniversary Party
Plastic Factory (22:00 | ¥2,000)
For 10 years, the Plastic Factory has provided an excellent atmosphere for some of the most progressive and underground of parties. From the popular Harmonium Parlour to the numerous art house events and DJ nights, The Factory has been there for the community on numerous occasions. So let’s help Heinz celebrate this momentous occasion. With music provided by DJs Nick Shotter, Ten, Daniel Cheah, Patrick Shaughnessy and pole dancers Mia and Tida.

Monday 6

Hot Chelle Rae
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥5,500)
Somewhere in America there is a 13-year old girl crying because this band stole her diary to write their insipid songs.

Tuesday 7

The Agonist
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6,000)
My thoughts on death metal are widely known: I can’t stand it. That said I have lots of respect for Vicky Psarakis, lead vocalist for this Canadian band. Besides being able to thrash with the best of them, she’s proven that my hatred transcends gender.

Wednesday 8

Jeff Lang
Tokuzo (18:00 | ¥5,500)
I mistook Jeff Lang as a fellow country boy when I first heard his slide guitar and sad, sad folk music. Turns out he’s from Australia, which is still fairly redneck.

Grant Nicholas
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6,000)
As the lead singer of Feeder, Grant Nichols helped produce a decade’s worth of post-grunge hits. He seems to have gotten all that out of his system, because his new solo album Yorktown Heights is actually good.

Thursday 9

Night Ranger
Diamond Hall (18:30 | ¥8,500)
After listening to their newest album High Road, I choose to believe that Night Ranger disbanded in 1985. “Motoring!”

Friday 10

Skinny Lister
Club Quattro (18:30 | ¥6,000)
The lovely folk punk of this UK band brings to mind The Pogues minus the drunken brogue of Shane MacGowan.

Saturday 11

Bottom Line (17:00 | ¥5,400)
What follows is the conversation that convinced me to stop hanging out with 20-somethings:
Me: Hey, PUFFY is coming to town.
Friend: P.Diddy!?
Me: No. Puffy AmiYumi? Queens of pop punk for nearly 20 years?
Friend: Sorry. I got nothing.
Me: sigh …They wrote the song to Teen Titans.
Friend: Oh, yeah. I loved that show!

Sunday 12

Syn Cole
X-Hall (22:00 | ¥4,000)
This young producer’s EDM-driven remixing managed to make Avicii’s “Hey Brother” even more annoying.

Voice Mail
Radix (18:00 | ¥3,000)
Continuing the effort to rebrand itself as more than the sketchy club under the tracks, Radix has Kingston duo VoiceMail and MC Corn Bread on their stage this month. Their fusion of reggae and R&B will definitely get things shaking, even more so than the pounding trains overhead.

Monday 13

Isolated Victims
Club Zion (¥2,500)
There is an unwritten law in music that states if two genres of music exist, there is someone willing to breed them together to form a misbegotten offspring. For example, if you mix ska and hardcore you get Isolated Victims from California, the bastard that no one wants.

Tuesday 14

Sly and Robbie with Johnny Osbourne
Blue Note (¥7,900)
Between the influential Reggae rhythm section of Sly and Robbie and the dance hall hits of Johnny Osbourne, this is a night for experiencing Jamaican music history

Friday 17

Apollo Base (19:00 | ¥3,800)
Take 11 rock n’ roll drummers, put them on stage together and you’ve got a wall of sound that can knock you on your ass, and, I imagine, some epically pissed off neighbors.

Saturday 18

Pink Floyd Trips 2014
ell Fits All (18:00 | ¥4,500)
This is the best Pink Floyd cover band I’ve ever experienced. All they’re missing is a giant floating pig. Couple tabs could fix that right up.

Sunday 19

Tokuzo (18:00 | ¥2,800)
Those who don’t like Japanese pop may be quick to dismiss Budo Grape as just another saccharine band. But give them a closer listen and discover the mischievous side behind the synth chords and bubbly personalities. Like their song “F.N.T.”, which can teach you all sorts of dirty Japanese words.

Saturday 25

John Butler Trio
Diamond Hall (17:30 | ¥6,500)
You may remember this band from that poster you hung in your dorm room to impress those “hippy chicks”.

Wednesday 29

Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentleman
Tokuzo (18:30 | ¥6,500)
If you start the month with the funk of Lefties Soul Connection, ya might as well wrap it up with more of the same from this legendary New Orleans band.

K.D. Japon (19:00 | ¥4,500)
Placing bits of metal, glass, wood and tape on the strings and hammers, German composer Hauschka is a master of prepared piano, improvising strange yet beautiful music. Why he puts a vibrator on the keys, though, is anyone’s guess.

Thursday 30

Blue Note (¥7,800)
Sean Lennon’s newest project The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger is full of poignant vocals and avant-garde elements; a nice blend of the influences from both of his parents’ work.

Friday 31

Proviant Audio and Maya Vik
Club Upset (18:30 | ¥4,500)
These two Norwegian acts approach indietronica from different directions. While Proviant Audio brings the funk, J-fan-fave Maya Vik is more electropop. Either way, if you like your dance music dripping in synthesizers, you’re going to be very happy.

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