NAG Live – June, 2013

Thursday 6

Kishi Bashi
Apollo Theater (18:30 | ¥3,500)
As part of the experimental pop band Of Montreal, K. Ishibashi helped to reshape the modern music scene with his unique blend of classical violin and looped vocals, a beautiful combination further fleshed out with the release of his solo album 151a last year.

James Blake
Diamond Hall (18:00 | ¥6,000)
If you opted instead for the soulful sounds of this British crooner, no one could blame you. Seriously, this guy’s voice is so sexy he had me asking myself a few very awkward questions.

Friday 7

Club Mago (23:00 | ¥3,500)
The Swedish duo’s new CD Blooma will play well with the Mago crowd who seem to thrive on minimal and progressive dance music.

Saturday 8

Sakae Spring
nearly every live house in town (12:00 | ¥3,300)
For a crash-course on the local music scene, don’t miss this two-day event showcasing nearly 200 bands. It’s no Fuji Rock, but it’s the best music festival Nagoya is going to get.

Heaven’s Door
Zigars (18:00 | ¥1,000)
Longtime readers know I’m no fan of death metal (shit, you could pick up any random issue of Nag Mag and figure that out). So, I’m obviously not promoting this show for the guttural styling of VOIDD, but instead for my new favorite heavy metal band, eleven.

Nagoya Metro Party
Lover:Z (22:00 | ¥2,500)
On the same weekend that the local LGBTQ community is holding their annual Nagoya Gay and Lesbian Revolution Plus in Ikeda Park, this preeminent all-sexuality-inclusive party is celebrating the birth of their illustrious hostess, Matty d’Metro. This one is going to be riotous!

Machina Japan Tour
Partyz (16:30 | ¥2,800)
If you’re feeling nostalgic for some early 00s post-grunge angst, this American band will satisfy all your moss-pit needs.

Monday 10

Zepp Nagoya (18:00 | ¥8,500)
On the heels of their 14th album Straight Out Of Hell (that’s original), these power metal demigods are touring with Gamma Ray across Japan, where they’re even more popular than their native Germany.

Wednesday 12

The D.O.T.
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥5,500)
Robert Harvey, from the sadly defunct UK project The Music, plus Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) equals a surprisingly deep flow.

Apollo Theater (18:30 | ¥2,500)
A damn fine sampling of electrorock with the pop-sensible  SCHOOL, the jazz-influenced palitextdestroy and the always hard-hitting white white sisters

Friday 14

One On One
Club Mago (23:00 | ¥4,000)
I respect DJ Harvey for looking like a homeless man who snuck into the club to destroy the dance floor with shockingly disco house tracks. On this night he’s formed a super-powered duo with Nick The Record from the UK.

Saturday 15

The Summer Sexy
Lounge and Live Vio (19:00 | ¥3,000) crew is hard (hehe) at work to bring Nagoya some summer-themed fun. The very popular pole, gogo and cage dancers will all be back, along with, DJs Paulo AtNight, dij, Mai, Andy S and m@, but with noticeably less clothing!

Old School IV
Link’s Bar (21:00)
I once made an off-hand comment to DJ scrying that, besides the early days of grunge, 90s music sucks. One pummelingschooling session later, and he had proven to me just how wrong I was. Be thankful on this night that he will let his vinyl speak for him.

Club Zion (16:30 | ¥3,500)
Fail Emotions from Russia and several more bands I refuse to research due to a disturbing amount of child-murder imagery in their names. Blood Stain Child… really!?

Sunday 16

ROR Stand-Up Comedy show
Plastic Factory (20:00 | ¥1000)
Named “Kansai’s first and funniest stand-up comedy group” by some other gaijin rag, Raugh Out Roud is bringing the funny to Nagoya. Trust me; they’re wittier than the word-play employed in their name would imply.

Tuesday 18

Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6,000)
A guitar, a fiddle and an accordion are all this trio needs to create their rousing Scottish folk music.

Saturday 22

Budo Grape
ell.SIZE (18:30 | ¥2,800)
You can catch this month’s cover band for yourself at this long-running live house just down the street from the Osu Kannon temple.

Publio Delgado
Doxy (18:30 | ¥2,500)
This young man has created a unique style that turns a single guitar into an entire band. Highly recommended

Sunday 23

Emi Meyer
Club Quattro (17:00 | ¥5,500)
The last time the lovely Ms. Meyer came to Nagoya she was kind enough to do an interview with me, but it didn’t make it to print in time. However, I am ecstatic that we can finally rectify that mistake.

Artists In Space vol. 2
Tsurumai Park (11:00 | ¥FREE)
A perfect venue (and price) for this live music and paint happening which features several local bands including the kick-assery of Miggy and the New Scrooges.

Wednesday 26

Story Of The Year
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6,000)
To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut album, Page Avenue, SOTY is touring Japan. In honor of that same anniversary, I re-listened to Page Avenue to remind myself how terrible it is.

Friday 28

Club Mago (22:00 | ¥2,500)
Osloian… Osloish… Osloer… however you say “person from Oslo” DJ Christian Burkhardt, along with local superstar DJ Akira Saotome, are going deep at Mago on this night.

Saturday 29

Cafe Domina (22:00 | ¥1,500)
The diverse mix of local talent including Ago, Chris Ollier, Halcyon, Nanabunz, Thomas Lang and Zig-Nine is a damn fine reason to attend. The free Mexican food courtesy of Three Amigoes is just the cheese on top.

Sunday 30

The Nagoya Swings Speakeasy
Shooters (18:00)
Inspired by the new film version of The Great Gatsby, the Nagoya Swings are throwing a lavish to-do complete with all the fashion and music of the Jazz Age, along with introduction Charleston dance lessons.

Club Rock N Roll (17:30 | ¥2,500)
This Tokyo band is the perfect blend of talent and indie-cred all us music snobs look for in a band.

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