NAG Live February 2015

Sunday 1

Prisca Molotsi
STAR EYES (18:00 | ¥4,000)
I can think of no hotter act to open the month than the The Queen of the Scene, Prisca Molotsi. This sultry songstress wows the crowd with a collection of well-loved RandB, jazz and gospel classics. If you miss the chance to hear her in the intimate setting of this jazz club on the East End, don’t worry. She will be back on March 21.

Friday 6

Four Minutes Til Midnight
Club Zion (18:00 | ¥2,500)
During their past tours, I was dismissive of this California band’s music. However this time I’m finding the appeal of their funk rock, though I can’t really say why. Maybe my tastes have matured, or maybe I just long for the mid-90s, the last time this sound was fresh.

Sunday 8

Matthew Plays Elton
Plastic Factory (19:00 | ¥1,000)
This local king of the cover ballads is bringing his spot-on covers of Sir Elton back to the Factory with special guest Basonhead, who will be doing their best Radiohead impression.

Tuesday 10

At The Gates
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥7,000)
It just wouldn’t be a live calendar without the requisite death metal music from a Nordic country. This Swedish band fills my monthly quota of suffering.

Thursday 12

Mötley Crüe
Nippon Gaishi Hall (18:00 | ¥13,000)
Through the overdoses, convictions and scandals, it’s something of a miracle that these glam rockers made it this far. But this is supposedly the last Crüe tour ever, and your final chance to catch Vince, Tommy, Mick and Nikki live, at least until the royalties from this one run out.

Friday 13

Club Mago (22:00 | ¥3,000)
German producer Nekes’ music straddles a fine line between techno and house, also known as the point at which I no longer hate your music.

Café Domina (22:00 | ¥1,500)
Besides an amazing lineup of international DJs including AGO, Chris Ollier and Halcyon, this flavorful dance music event always features some delectable eats. Staying with the month’s theme, this time they’re serving up chocolate fondue for all the lovers and the loners.

X-Hall (21:00 | ¥4,000)
EDM these days seems to be all about who can come up with the sickest of drops, rhythm and harmony both be damned. Montreal duo Botnek has taken this to a whole new level, providing masterful builds in floor-fillers like Grindhouse, and dumping all that momentum into a cacophony of nonsense.

Saturday 14

Lovers Night Plus
Links Bar (21:00)
Featuring the soulful sounds of local R&B and hip-hop sensation Ali Huggins, whose new CD you can read all about in this issue of NAGMAG.

Nagoya Metro Party
Lover:Z (22:00 | ¥2,500)
Providing gay, lesbian, and open-minded people a place to come together and enjoy life, the Nagoya Metro Party throws a V-day party like none other; with singers, dancers and drag queen performances in the hottest of floor shows. When you’re at Metro, everyone is your Valentine.

Oasis Night vs Blur Night
Plastic Factory (18:00 | ¥1,500)
Fans of Britpop have a hard choice to make at this DJ event: the Blur-side or the Oasis-side… is outside still an option?

Monday 16

New Found Glory
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6,500)
More impressive than this band’s 25 year run as one of the pioneers of pop punk, is lead singer Jordan Pundik’s ability to whine out angst-ridden vocals as if he wasn’t almost forty.

Thursday 19

Club Quattro (19:00 | ¥3,500)
This awesome Tokyo band controls the stage with their electro-infused rock. On this night they’ll be playing FACE, their fourth album, live.

Uli Jon Roth
Bottom Line (18:00 | ¥8,500)
This legendary rocker is here as part of his “Scorpions 40th anniversary tour”, barring the fact that the famous German band has actually been around for 50 years of which he only played with them for about 5 of them, and, this is true, he wasn’t even there during their heyday of stadium shakers like “Rock You Like A Hurricane” and “Winds of Change”. So, I’m not really sure who this show is for.

Friday 20

white white sisters
Club Upset (18:30 | ¥3,000)
Hot on the heels of their nation-wide tour for their first full-length album, the excellent Something Wondrous, WWS is coming home for a show with She Her Her Hers and asobius.

Meet The Players
Coat of Arms (19:00 | ¥1,000)
Nagoya has one of the most vibrant thespian communities in all of Japan, and it started with the Nagoya Players 30 years ago. On this night you can catch up with this famous troupe when they discuss their plans for the season and welcome new members to tread the boards.

Sunday 22

The Harmonium Parlour
Plastic Factory (19:00 | ¥1,000)
Whether you sing, dance or perform Native American tribal chants, backward, through a vocoder while accompanying yourself on the electric cello, this open mic and art space is still the best event to see and get seen by the many talented members of our community.

Monday 23

Nippon Gaishi Hall (18:00 | ¥12,500)
In a move that surprised only the fans too young to remember that they once made a disco album, this long-lived rock band did a recent collab with the Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z, producing a sound obviously inspired by the Internet sensation BABYMETAL. To further stress the metric ton of fucks not given, when questioned as to their reasons, Paul Stanley simply answered “Because we can.”
Wednesday 25

The fin.
Club Rock and Roll (18:30 | ¥3,000)
This Kobe-based bands’ debut album Days With Uncertainty, from start to finish, is just pleasant songs that could be enjoyed by any fan of the newer wave of indie rock music. The upbeat Brisbane band Last Dinosaurs will be accompanying them on this tour.

Friday 27

Kira Kira
K.D. Japon (18:30 | ¥3,000)
There is a comfort in the subtle, sleepy music of Icelandic performance artist Kira Kira, like something akin to a lullaby.

Saturday 28

We Got Rhythm vol. 4
8Ball Tattoo Social Club (17:30 | ¥1,500)
Though they appear to be extras from a Japanese production of a James Dean film, the 8Ball crowd of greasers and bobby soxers are a friendly bunch brought together by their love of the music and culture of America in the 40s and 50s. And even though it’s located on the far outskirts of town, on the wrong side of the tracks (where else?), the live performances and swingin’ dance floor make the journey well worth it.

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