Nag Live – August, 2011

Daniel Ostrander gives you some sound advice


Saturday 6th

B.I.O. Corp
Radix (22:00 | ¥3000)
This eclectronica music event offers something other than the normal hip hop or reggae parties that Radix is famous for.  Featuring DJs Aketo Hanaki, Akira Saotome, Alexander and Sonoir, Andy S and more

052-332-0073 |

Kiss On The Lips

Gen’s 2nd

(23:00 | WOMEN ¥1000 / MEN ¥2000)
It’s another busy month for local fave DJ PauloAtNight, and it starts at this new party at the increasingly happening night spot, Gen’s 2nd.

052-950-6669 |

Style Band Nagoya

Apollo Theater

(17:00 | ¥3000)
A night of indie rock with Lillies and Remains, 6eyes and Bo Ningen, whose psychedelic punk rock will knock you flat, curb kick you when your down and have you up and begging for more before their second song even begins.

052-261-5308 |

Sunday 7th

DMC Japan

Club JB’s

(16:30 | ¥2500)
DJ Baku and a host of other scratch-masters will be competing for the coveted Japan DJ championship on this night.

052-241-2234 |

Tuesday 9th

Anison Matsuri – Nagoya Castle Evening Festival

(17:30 | ¥800)
If you feel more comfortable in a pair of angel wings and cat ears rather than your work civvies, than I have some troubling news for you: you’re a cosplayer.  For more details on your incurable condition, might I recommend you attend this festival featuring several otakus decked out in their finest regalia (READ: Naruto costume)

Friday 12th

RPM vol.5
Club Buddha

(21:00 | ¥2000)
Club Buddda parties are so assorted and varying; you never know what you’re going to get.  This night’s crap shoot advertises UK dance, mod, swing, breakbeat and rock music; which is either a recipe for anyone or a cacophony for no one.

052-251-5450 |

Saturday 13th

Feel the Music vol. 4

Club Edits

(20:00 | ¥2000)
DJs Ghost Willy, PauloAtNight and others are bringing the party to one of the few small clubs in town that has yet to be ruined by the two things that kill more nightspots than anti-dance laws; bankruptcy and douche bags.  So let’s keep a good thing going.  Bring money, leave the attitude.

052-241-3772 |

My Town vol.1

Club Rock N’ Roll

(18:00 | ¥2500)
An excellent night to hear some excellent local talent including the indie pop of KARESI and the garage rock of HOT HOT SEX.


Nagoya Metro Club


(22:00 | ¥2500)
Nagoya’s nightlife is home to a lot of wild parties, but so few deliver such a consistently crazy experience as this night celebrating sexuality is all its myriad of flavors.  Gay, lesbian, transgendered, breeders: all but the haters are welcome.

Monday 15th

Ziggy Marley

Diamond Hall

(18:00 | ¥6500)
When it comes to the children of our music legends, none of them follow closer in those giant footsteps than Ziggy Marley.
052-265-2665 |

Wednesday 17th


Zepp Nagoya

(18:00 | ¥4500)
So, how long do you have to live here before you can correctly pronounce the name of this Okinawan rock-ish / rap-ish band?

052-541-5758 |

Saturday 20th

Re:mix 2011
Diamond Hall and Apollo Theater
(13:30 | ¥4000)
Sure, other cities may have their Summer Sonics and Fuji Rocks, but here in Nagoya we have our own
2 day indie rock festival featuring the pillows, white white sisters, POLYSICS, Sister Jet and more, with the added amenities of indoor plumbing and air conditioning.

Allure vol. 3
DayTrive / DayTrim
(22:30 | ¥3000 inc. open bar)
And when the first day of the festival is over, here is where you can party until the second one begins.  An all-night binge of music and drink with 2 stages for live music (man-eating cats, Party Club, Fu-mu, S.A.N.K.adelic) and DJs (Skullduggery, m@ , Nick Edges / Babur, Thomas Lang, scrying)

052-241-5019 |

Monday 22nd

Bottom Line

(18:30 | ¥2500)
This J-pop princess is being hailed as the new Hikaru Utada, which begs the question: what’s wrong with the old one?

Friday 26th

white white sisters
Apollo Theater

(18:30 | ¥2500)
After catching their dance-inducing electro rock at Re:mix, you will no doubt want to hear more from this power duo.  Well, you’re in luck, because they’re releasing their new album “spectrachroma” on this night.

052-261-5308 |

Saturday 27th

Yumekibow Radio Club

(16:30 | ¥3500)
Hyperbolic titles aside, this party features the rowdiest rockabilly acts in Japan and is best reason to spend this weekend (or any weekend) in Anjo city.

Sunday 28th

Harmonium Parlour
Plastic Factory

(19:00| ¥1000)
Semi-On has created a welcoming and fun open mic and art space which is a must for anyone not hip to the Nag scene yet.  The second floor gallery this month features the work of Bruce MacArthur.

090-9894-9242 |

N2B Guitar Mutation
Club Quattro

(18:00 | ¥3500)
The Tokyo band ARROWS returns to Nagoya for this annual indie rock event with Jackson Vibe and LED.

Monday 29th

Red Dirt Boogie Sisters

(18:00 | ¥1500)
This country music singing duo is not the headlining act on this night, but they are the only one from the lineup I care for.

052-733-3709 |

Tuesday 30th

KT Tunstall
Club Quattro

(18:00 | ¥6500)
Ms. Tunstall has been in Japan many times before, and has often been reviewed by past and present writers for Japanzine.  And though my predecessors and I rarely agree on much musically, the bluesy rock of this Scottish songstress is one of the few acts we all love.

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