NAG Live April 2014

Wednesday 2

Killswitch Engage
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6,800)
I don’t usually have anything nice to say about any music with the suffix “core”, and I’m not about to start with the “metalcore” of this American “band”; no matter how “melodic” it may be.

Club JB’s (21:00 | ¥1,500)
Don’t be misled by the very metal title of this monthly party. The SDR DJs spin 45s full of the best music the 1950s had to offer, and this month they are celebrating 20 years of bringing a unique experience to the Nagoya scene.

Friday 4

Club Mago (22:00 | ¥3,000)
In an effort to attract a younger crowd, Mago is doing something I’ve never seen before in Japan. If you are under 23 years of age, you get into this techno party featuring UK DJ Steve O’Sullivan for half-price. The catch being you have to have been born after 1990, and yet still enjoy techno.

Saturday 5

Theater Moon (7 shows | ¥2,500)
Theater has become quite popular in Nagoya the past few years and it all started with the Nagoya Players, the longest-running international theatre troupe in Aichi. Their newest show, opening on this day and closing the following Saturday, is based on the famous movie 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose, and takes an in-depth look at a jury of a murder trial as they battle each other and their own prejudices, with the life of a young man on the line. Contact their box office at to reserve your seat for the advance price of ¥2,000. As of writing this, 3 shows were already sold out.

Tight Rope (17:30 | ¥3,000)
Tight Rope, you never fail to surprise me. I wasn’t even sure there was an industrial scene in Nagoya, and here you are with none other than cEvin Key of SKINNY PUPPY fame, along with DJ OTO and several live acts including the madman Utero ZZZAAA.
J. Rocc
Club JB’s (21:00 | ¥3,500)
J. Rocc and his Beat Junkies crew have won several turntablism competitions the world over. His furiously fast and funky mixes harken back to the heyday of hip-hop. I know you’re going to dig this.

Sunday 6

Pryda Friends Tour
X-Hall (20:00 | ¥3,500)
If you’re a club kid you probably know the name Eric Prydz, and how it is synonymous with amazing house music. His new record company, Pryda Friends, features several amazing producers making music comparable to his own. Two of the youngest from their crew, Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander are touring the world to showcase the amazing tune-age this new label is pumping out.

Club Quattro (17:00 | ¥3,800)
With the sheer volume of music this Japanese synthpunk band releases on a yearly basis, I’m starting to think they are held captive in a recording studio, let out only so they can make an appearance at their seemingly bi-annual Japan tours. Prolific doesn’t even scratch it.

Tuesday 8

Tone Flakes
Club Upset (18:30 | ¥4,000)
Before, if you asked me to talk about South African music, I would start with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, give a nod to Paul Simon’s Graceland, and cap it all off with a little Desmond and the Tutus. That’s all I knew until I discovered ShortStraw and their amazingly addictive indie pop sound. You can hear more of why you should care about the current music renaissance happening in South Africa on this night.

Thursday 10

white white sisters
Apollo Theater (18:30 | ¥3,000)
I named WWS “my ichiban Japanese band of 2010”, because at the time no one else had a greater grasp of what was happening with music beyond Japan. And now they’re one of the most successful touring groups out of Nagoya. Proof positive, kids. I sometimes know what I’m talking about.
Friday 11

Atari Teenage Riot
Club Quattro (18:30 | ¥5,800)
After rising to fame in the 90s as the voice of disenfranchised youth with their edgy fusion of techno and metal, ATR stepped out of the limelight around 2000. However, it seems they knew they were needed once more and came screaming back in support of the Occupy and Anonymous movements. The revolution may not be televised, but it’s got one hell of a soundtrack.

Saturday 12

The Sexy Pajama Party
American Dining Bar BJ (17:30 | ¥2,500)
The only party dedicated to offering the community a wild night that is both stimulating and hassle-free; we’re bringing The Sexy back! Only this time, we’re doing it in our peejays! A pajama dance party!? Why has no one in Nagoya thought to do this before? So put on your skimpiest or most comfortable bedtime clothes and join DJs PauloAtNight, dij, crushmonkey, Deren and Zeek on the dance floor.

Johnny Winter
Bottom Line (17:00 | ¥9,000)
Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo may go down as some of the most inane lyrics ever written, but there is no denying the staying power of this blues and rock guitar legend. When you shred as well as Johnny Winter, you ain’t got to write good lyrics.

Tuesday 15

Jeff Beck
Nagoyashi Kokaido (18:30 | ¥10,500)
Two of the greatest living guitar legends B2B?! There’s going to be some broke music fans at the end of this week, and we haven’t even gotten to Bob Dylan yet!

Wednesday 16

Club Upset (18:00 | ¥7,300)
If I could go back in time to one point in music history, the 70s in New York would place a very close second (behind the legendary Sex Pistols show at the Free Trade Hall, 1976). Patti Smith, the Ramones, Talking Heads and the influential art-punk of Television. If not for their music, we might only remember that decade for disco. And no one wants that.

Eric Boros
K.D. Japon (19:00 | ¥2,000)
You gotta feel bad for this French singer/songwriter. As experimental and challenging as his compositions are, it cannot be easy to play the same week as these legends.

Diamond Hall (18:00 | ¥3,800)
With a sound oft-described as alternative hip-hop reggae metal punk, I have to give some respect to this Welsh band for embracing so much and offering so little.

Thursday 17

Bob Dylan
Zepp Nagoya (19:00 | ¥13,000)
There is nothing I can say about the Voice of a Generation that hasn’t already been said countless times before. For this 2 day event you are either in 3 camps: you have had your ticket since they went on sale, you want to be there but cannot afford it (T_T) or you’re dead.

Friday 18

Dance MotherFuckerS
X-Hall (21:00 | ¥TBA)
Featuring Crookers, producers behind Kid Cudi’s breakout single Day ‘n’ Nite, whose presence at X-Hall furthers solidifies their claim as Nagoya’s most popular stop for the biggest names in the dance music industry.

Saturday 19

Let’s Do Nuts 4th Anniversary
Club Zion (16:00 | ¥3,000)
The ska-pocalypse is upon us, and it has arrived in many flavors, including The Redemption from Tokyo, NM favorite The Oldtones and the horribly-named Shot Dead Kids (who exist as proof that, yes, even trumpets have to be tuned).

Sunday 20

Nagoya Swings
Shooters (18:00 | ¥600)
With the arrival of spring, it’s about time to start losing that winter weight. And while that comment is mostly aimed at my own fat-ass, I’ve noticed you’re not exactly in bathing-suit-shape either, Nagoya. Perhaps some time spent on the dance floor learning all the right steps from Nagoya’s only international ballroom group is just what the doctor ordered. They offer bilingual introductory lessons for singles and couples at their smoke-free event.

Wednesday 23

Nagoyashi Kokaido (18:30 | ¥10,500)
Certainly you know this band for Africa and Rosanna (though I’ve always been partial to Hold The Line), but where you aware that they have produced 17 albums in their long history? How many top 10 hits did they have? About 3.

Asking Alexandria
Club Quattro (18:00 | ¥6,000)
*please see Killswitch Engage above

Tuesday 29

Jake Bugg
Diamond Hall (18:00 | ¥6,000)
In a world of Biebers and Mahones, it’s almost too easy to dismiss any young singer who comes along as vacuous and fleeting as the rest. But don’t make that mistake with this British songwriter. His look may say N’Sync, but his sound is all Arctic Monkeys.

Wednesday 30

The Black Dahlia Murder
Club 3Star Imaike (16:30 | ¥5,000)
Seriously, what is with all the “melodic metal” this month? Can so many have fooled themselves into thinking that sandwiching the screaming between orchestrations makes it any less shitty?

Hot Tuna
Tokuzo (18:30 | ¥6,000)
The history of Jefferson Airplay, arguably one of the best bands to come out of the 60s alive, is confusing at the best of times and Starship at the worst. But instead of lamenting the horrible legacy of “We Built This City”, I prefer to enjoy the blues of Hot Tuna, a side-project from Airplane founding members Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen.

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