Mr. Tee: The Ghost in the Printing Machine

We got a chance to catch up with Mike Bagley, local print-shop owner and drummer in cool local bands Ghost of Matsubara and The Rats

NAGMAG: Could you explain for us your business in 100 words?

Mike Bagley: MBprints is a full service textile t-shirt print shop which specializes in garment printing using the highest quality inks, t-shirts and supplies to insure a perfect print every time. Custom  and/or original printed silk screen t-shirts, polos, hoodies (pull-over, parka), jackets, bags and many other printable items delivered right to your door. No order is too small or too big.  MBprints is Nagoya’s one and only t-shirt print shop in Japan that offers native English and Japanese support for clients that want service they can trust. Ask for our special offers! When you think original, custom printed, silk screened t-shirts, think MBprints. Japan’s print shop is your print shop!

NM: Excellent! Why did you decide start a print shop in Nagoya? 

MB: Since my home is in Nagoya it was the most convenient place to start a business. Plus, I know many business owners here and I know the support from that community would help me.

NM: Where did you learn the necessary skills?

MB: To tell the truth I had no knowledge of the screen printing business before hand. All I had was the drive to start my own company. From there, I read books, watched a lot of Youtube and got on a few forums. I then bought the equipment necessary to screen print and after a lot of trial and error I was able to develop the skills to print.

NM: You have had some great promotions supporting the community through cheap band shirts and Supporting Japan so far. What do you have in store for Summer 2012?

Well the band and DJ special is on going. If you are in a band or you’re a DJ I still offer 25 printed tees (one color print/one location) for ¥22,000. For the readers of NAGMAG, I will offer a 10% discount on any order of ten or more printed garments. Just call or email in your order and mention you saw MBprints in NAGMAG.

NM: What is the process for ordering from MBprints?

First you need to decide what garment you want printed be it a t-shirt, polo shirt, hoodie and/or a happi. Then, decide where and what image you want printed from there you can contact us at or (052) 846-7192. There is also an inquiry form on my website: Once we receive this information we’ll make an estimation sheet and a mock sample of your order. If everything looks good you just sit back and in about ten days you should receive your order.

NM:. Do you print other things?

Yes! We’ve done tablecloths, pants, gloves and hats. Mainly textile printing. We can get other products, like stickers.

NM: What kind of shirt do you think will be “in” this year?

It seems like V-neck shirts are the in thing. But the basic t-shirt will never go out of style.

NM: You do design as well. What’s your personal favorite design to date?

I do design a bit. But I’ll be first to admit… I’m not the greatest artist. But MBprints works with a few local artist that can really make your art pop off a t-shirt. I would have to say my favorite designs would be the shirts I made for my band “Ghost of Matsubara”.

NM: A message for NAGMAG readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please feel free to call me up and chat with me about anything t-shirt and/or screen printing related. If you are interested in seeing how screen printing/ silk screening is done give me an email and we can show you around the shop.

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