Montäz Riderz Nagoya – ALL-WHITE PARTY 11/24

The question on NAG’s lips: Why are those ladies and gents having a great time enjoying the city’s nightlife, wearing leather vests as if they are a bunch of bikers?

Well, It turns out they are a bunch of bikers; or at least certain members of the Nagoya chapter of the Montäz Riderz are.

Montäz originated in Muncie, Indiana, USA, and is all about a gathering of individuals from many different nations acting as one unit to help each other and have fun.

The second thing everyone asks is “Where are your bikes?” An appropriate answer would be that they are wrapped in red tape.

Getting “biked up” in Japan turned out to be an exercise reserved for the masochistic. So, for the time being, the members agreed to pivot and transform the Nagoya chapter of Montäz into a social club.

Montäz may be a social club. But saying the club is social is an understatement big enough to ride a Harley through.

Every weekend – or whenever enough of the members have some free time – Montäz hits the town. On the last Saturday of every month, the club also holds a themed event at Plus Park with prizes including t-shirts, bottles of booze, and ladies’ cosmetics.

On the 24th of this month, Montäz will be throwing an all-white party, a stylish and classy occasion. Where, as the name suggests, everyone who wants to get in the mood and enjoy the moment, can dress up in white fashion (no, it’s not the other kind of all-white party).

Of course, Montäz isn’t all about clubs and champagne. The National President and officers are working together to get actively involved with our community, and have already approached a needy local charity and are also getting involved in helping several others.

So, the next time you see the Montäz crew around town, roll up and say hello. The worst thing that could happen is you might have a kick-ass night and make some new friends!

The Officers of Montaz: National President: Pops, President: Show Time, Vice President: Taka, Business Manager: Chief, Secretary: Top Notch, Treasurer: Humper, Sgt. at Arms: Pimp, Sgt. at Arms: Flash

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