Mongolian Chop

Mongolian Chop, situated right in the in between Imaike-and-Ikeshita zone (called Nakata FYI) is a place I used to pass twice a day during my daily bicycle commute (funny that.) The 2nd floor sign, with it’s fluid kanji and anime-style drawings of various Mongolian characters always piqued my interest.

Finally, after years and years of biking the same route, I finally climbed the stairs and indulged in some yakiniku, lamb-style.

Lamb is a nice change from the usual beef or pork. It is lean and not very oily, so you walk away feeling pretty good, as opposed to bloated and heavy. Mongolian Chop offers both BBQ, which is what it says on the tin, with meat and vegetables, and shabu shabu, where you boil thinly-sliced strips of meat in a nabe.

Like pretty much every yakiniku place in Japan, you cook the meat yourself on a portable grill. We had both lamb and chicken, the pre-cut pieces all a perfect bite size, ready for some GRILLIN! The quality of the meat itself was impressive, considering how hit-and-miss lamb bought at the supermarket can be.

The vegetables that came as a set with the meat were the usual Japanese BBQ fare – onions, sprouts and the like. You can also order more separately, as well as other things like giant onigiri and jumbo frankfurters.

On the topic of the menu, Mongolian Chop has some pretty impressive all-you-can-eat sets. ¥4000 will get you unlimited meat, vegetables, miso soup and more, as well as beer and other drinks for a long, long time.

If I had a regret about going up the stairs to Mongolian Chop, it would be that I had passed by it every day for so long without visiting! It’s usually pretty busy even on weeknights, so unless you want to sit at the counter, (which is by no means bad – the manager, Hotta-san and the other staff are friendly and enjoy having a chat without being over-enthusiastic) it would be a good idea make a reservation.

Mongolian Chop is on Nishiki-dori, 5 minutes west of Ikeshita Station and 10 east of Imaike, on the same block as Hokka Hokka Tei but a different corner. It’s on the second floor above a yakitori restaurant.

Open 17:00-24:00 Daily


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