Mexigan: The Frozen Blue Margarita

Mexigan occupies some prime sidewalk real estate in Sakae. As it so happens, being a bar, it is also proficient in drink making. This ingenious combination of sunny sidewalk sitting and alcohol was so captivating that it enticed me to spend a good part of an otherwise productive day chemically inconveniencing myself.

I was assisted in this endeavor by the supremely pleasant Akinori who concocted a Frozen Blue Margarita to start me off. The sinister nature of this drink is how deceptively the frozen ice wraps the 100% Agave tequila, Patron Citronage, lime and mint in a frothy bubble suspended above a blue lagoon of  Caracao. You start with what seems to be a rather harmless frozen party drink until your brain gets fracked once the straw pokes through. Dastardly! – Doug Breath

IMG_4561 IMG_4535

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