Married Gaijin Pretends to be Uninterested by Skimpily Clad Japanese Girls at Halloween Parties

A gaijin will this month pretend to his girlfriend that he has absolutely no interest in the scantily clad Japanese girls that will be attending the same Halloween party as him.

Simon Poulter will be attending the “Sexy Halloween Party” at Club Mago this October, and despite his wife’s claims to the contrary, he is adamant that he has absolutely zero interest in the pretty girls in revealing outfits.

“I have always loved Halloween,” Poulter claims. “I love the pageantry, and I have a profound interest in the history of the holiday. The fact that there will be loads of beautiful women wearing next to nothing hadn’t even crossed my mind until my wife brought it up.”

Poulter’s wife of two years, Megumi, who will be spending the Halloween weekend looking after their young child, is not fooled.

“Simon has made out that he didn’t even know that there will be loads of girls wearing little more than lingerie and bunny ears, but I’m not falling for it,” Megumi said. “He seems to think that fact that he has attended the same party for the past four years, and it was actually where we first hooked-up, has totally passed me by. But I’m not stupid.”

“Honestly, the idea of hundreds of stunning girls in tiny little outfits acting all slutty holds absolutely no interest for me. The fact that I have spent the last three months in the gym tirelessly working on my abs so that I will look good in my ‘shirtless zombie’ outfit is a pure coincidence. I am just a realist and believe that, come the zombie apocalypse, the undead will be seriously buff and shirtless.”

“In fairness, it doesn’t really bother me,” Megumi added. “He has spent so much time at the gym recently that he hasn’t noticed that I have been having an affair with my co-worker, and that on the night of his party I will take our daughter to my mother’s and spend the evening doing unspeakable things in a love hotel.”

“What was that?” added Poulter, looking up absently from his 547th ab crunch.

“Nothing dear, just go enjoy your party.”

Nagoya’s legendary Sexy Halloween returns for two nights at Club Mago on Friday, October 28 and Saturday, October 29.

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