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A Look Back

Carter Witt Looks Back on THE ALIEN, Japanzine, NAGMAG and

Ak Kazuhide

Harro Ebureeone! Atsui desu ne! We are wearing traditional yukata

Furari Sushi 10th Anniversary Special

Everyone knows that Furari Sushi is one of the most

Gaikokujin Manners

Hello friends. First off I want to thank both people

Hayakawa Mental Clinic Issha Expanding Hours for English-speaking Patients

The Hayakawa Mental Health Clinic Issha is focused on helping

Hot Spice Mucho Chicken

Hot Spice Mucho Chicken is a new Mexican Restaurant and

Mr. Deryk Presents: Let’s Chu-Hi! :This Month: What’s Old is New Again!

by Deryk Langlais For many, the word conjures an image

Oshibori Can Help People Find Peace of Mind – The Video!

How do you relax? A cup of coffee, alcohol, sweets,

Prana Shisha Lounge

  Prana, which means “breath and vitality”, is the name

The Final Issue

After 30 years this is our last monthly magazine Well

What is the deal with tentacle porn?

Tentacle sex is a bizarre genre of anime and manga