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When Macy’s City Dining first appeared on the gaijin radar it was because of their awesome burgers and incredible happy hour and drink specials. At Macy’s you can get all-you-can-drink for 2 hours for only ¥1,500 and they have happy hour EVERYDAY from 11:30 to 18:00 with ¥300 drinks. It blew some people’s minds.

Great Food, Open Late

But that’s not all this upscale eatery within walking distance of La Chic or Kamimaezu is known for. They have really, really good food. Burgers, pasta, BBQ, steaks and a large selection of desserts – all reasonably priced. Did I mention they are open till 2 in the morning?

This is the kind of place that has “regulars” and it’s easy to see why. The staff are friendly and they have an English menu. The space itself is like a loft – comfortable – and essentially just a cool place to hang with a group of friends or even just sit at the bar by yourself.

Fajita Course

Also while you are there be sure to check out Macy’s new summer “Fajita Course”
120 minutes all you can drink with ¥ 3,500 per person!
The Fajita Course includes:
· Appetizer platter
· Salad
· Macy’s famous French fries
· Fajitas (Beef & chicken & pork)
with all you can eat tortillas
· Chilled Pho
· Dessert

Macy’s is offering “mountains” of shaved ice during summer for ¥680

Chose from:
· Strawberry Milk Mountain
· Chocolate Mint Milk Mountain
· Strawberry Milk Mountain
· Caramel Milk Mountain
· Chai Tea Milk Mountain

World Cup Schedule

They also have large screens which they will be putting to good use this month for customers who want to watch some of the World Cup action. Here is their World Cup Public Viewing Schedule (no charge by the way)
6/19 (Tue) 15:00 Japan vs Colombia
6/24 (Sun) 20:00 Japan vs Senegal
6/28 (Thu) 17:00 Japan vs Poland
It’s hard to believe all this awesomeness resides under one roof. Give Macy’s a try!

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