Los Tacos – Big Tacos in Little Osu!

IMG_4571People in this country will often compliment you on your ability to use chopsticks. That’s all well and good. But in my opinion, the art of stuffing food into your gob with your bare hands is not only more natural, more impressive, more primal and more damn paleo…it’s just, plain more fun. One of these days a local is going to say something like “Daniel San, you are really good at eating like a Cimmerian at a roadside campfire, after a bloodthirsty battle with a horde of murderous mountain trolls.” And I’m just going to stare off into the distance for a while as I chew, then, when you start to think I didn’t even hear what you said, I’ll utter in a deep, confident tone, “I know”.

If you’re like me and you’ve ever felt the need for a spot of of hand-held Mexican fare to get you through the week, then you may have on occasion dropped in at one of the town’s staple light dining institutions, the original Los Tacos, on the outskirts of Sakae. You may have also noticed that it’s not there anymore. This is, indeed, a case of Lost Tacos. While it’s yet to be seen whether Sakae will ever recover from this grievous blow, today we’re going to focus on the upside of the tale – and that, friends, is what Osu has gained in the process. Yes, much like a Chinese girl in an 80’s Kurt Russell movie, Los Tacos has been bundled up and transplanted to a new, and happening, and much more colorful part of town.

Los Tacos was conceived by a couple of Japanese surfers, whose adventures some years back found them in Baja, Mexico. There, they discovered their love for finding their own waves went hand-in-hand with a passion for Mexican cafe-style eating. Soft-shell tacos with your choice of filling, topped with a few fresh salads, deep-fried cheese quesadillas, maybe a burrito to top it all off, and some tortilla soup. Eating like this will get you far in life. Or at least, outside the whitewater, to where the next set’s breaking.

The new location, just down the side-street between Osu Kannon temple and Yoshinoya on Osu Dori, has already become a popular point of call for local foot traffic. Inside there’s a 5-seater counter, and two high-stool tables seating 4 each. The layout is neat and simple, with easy-on-the-eyes, soft-color So-Cal artwork and decor. And cacti. Salsa music plays in the background, and Yajima San churns out orders in quick succession. The menu is basically the same as reliable fare it’s always been: Tacos, burritos, taco rice, deep-fried quesadillas, and a bunch of side-orders, including salads and empanadas. New additions to the line-up include a guacamole burrito(which is fantastic), and veggie tacos featuring a generous helping of salsa sauce, garnished with coriander. The tomato-based soups at Los Tacos are a rare delight in Japan. The tortilla soup is very popular, although my favorite is the seafood version. There’s an extensive drink menu, with not only the usual beers, but also Mexican brews like Tecate and Sol. They have all the tequila, rum, and Campari cocktails, as well as rum and tequila shots. You can also wash your meal or snack down with a selection from an extensive soft-drink menu that includes juices such as guava, mango and passion fruit.

Los Tacos is a great place to drop in for a casual tide-you-over, or a full sit down pig-out. Open from 11:30 daily, last order is 21:30, and they’re closed Wednesdays. The food is great, prices are very reasonable, and there are no chopsticks. Because, really, who needs chopsticks when you’ve found Los Tacos?

Los Tacos Osukannon

Open 11:30~21:30 (LO)
Lunch Menu 11:30~14:30
Closed Wed & 3rd Tues

1F Coop Sueihiro 2-25-12 Osu Naka-ku
See Map on Page 30 Location B4
Tel: (052) 203-5020

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