Looking for work?

Yutaka is looking for people to work
making and assisting to make sweets
to be sold at convenience stores.

¥7,200 yen per day
(overtime work will be paid)
Monthly Salary Example:
¥160,000 per month
(depending on the amount
of overtime work)

Working Time:
TBD (Flexible)

According to your shift

Social Security:
Full Social Security
(Available for Discussion)

Traveling Expenses:
Up to ¥10,000 per month

Around Tsushima City,
Aichi Prefecture

Marceio 080-6188-4093 or Lauro 080-6412-6912

Yutaka Nagoya Office
2-73-1-105 Tatekomi-cho,
Tsushima City, Aichi


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