Looking for a Dentist?

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable dentist who speaks English check out Yamanaka Dental Clinic!

Going to the dentist is totally scary. In Japan and Japanese, especially so. I mean, even if a person has N1 in the JLPT, their knowledge of dentistry-related lingo probably doesn’t extend far beyond 歯 (teeth) and 磨く (brush), right?!

…which is exactly why Yamanaka Dental Clinic is totally worth a visit!

At the clinic, both Kyoko Yamanaka and Rie Nishida speak English to a really high level. I volunteered to go along and get my teeth cleaned and was pretty nervous at the beginning (duh), but totally relaxed as Rie guided me through the procedure in a professional manner as she did it.
Around half an hour later, my whites were pearly again! Yamanaka Dental Clinic offers all kinds of treatments, from basic cleaning and stain-removal to whitening. Being in a foreign country is a pretty lame excuse to not take care of your chompers – I’ve avoided it until now, and am super glad that I finally got off my behind and gave them some TLC.

Their prices are reasonable, especially considering the “English” factor. The clinic has a set “menu” of treatments, but Kyoko or Rie will be happy to tailor something to your specific needs.

If you’re interested in going, be sure to call ahead and set a time: 070-5032-2230 will connect you directly to an English speaker.

Yamanaka Dental Clinic is about 30 seconds walk from Rokuban-cho Station on the Meiko Line (five minutes ride from Kanayama). Turn right coming out of Exit 2 and the clinic will be to your right.

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