Lightning Burger: Lightning Texas Burger

First off you have the location, a bright and sunny spot next to Nadya park with plenty of outside seating. Then there’s the shop itself –  Lightning Burger literally looks like it was dropped here directly from the 1950’s, replete with milkshakes and a big menu of burgers to choose from. I had the Texas burger which true to its name is BIG!

This massive sandwich clocks in at 220 grams of 100% beef and is backed up by some tasty BBQ sauce. Also under the bun you will find real American bacon, sliced tomato, onion and a hefty amount of cheddar cheese. Comes with thick cut fries.

Lightning Burger only recently opened so if you haven’t been by the area you will be surprised – it is a really nice place and the burgers are BIG. In fact if tell them you are a NAGMAG reader and you will get your set drink and fries upgraded to large size!

Located on the park south of the LOFT building!

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