Life in Light & Darkness – Two One-Act Plays About Connection
October 6 - 9, 2016

Nagoya’s local theater scene is certainly in its heyday and one need look no further for proof than Life in Light & Darkness – a double bill of two one-act plays about the pain and beauty of connection.

The first play is Snow Angel and stars Jonathon Freeman and Aya Kawakami.Written by John Lewis Carlino, this play exquisitely portrays longing for past loves and the strong need for human connection. Set in the room of a brothel, a new customer, John, visits Kana, a prostitute past her prime. He asks to her to play the role of his former lover, the only woman he ever loved. What results is a struggle between John’s strong need for connection and Kana’s desire to maintain her identity. The end result is something neither had expected.

The second, Under the Mango Tree, is an original work written and starring Veenesh Dubois. The play is a beautiful and heartfelt story about a daughter’s love and yearning for her father. The story follows the letters that the daughter and father exchange after the father leaves his family and their small village behind to find fame, fortune and better opportunities in Canada. Touring Canada and the U.S for 7 years, the show has received 5 Star reviews and standing ovations.

The cast and crew of this production, some of the finest and most seasoned experts currently in the Nagoya theater scene, have pooled their expertise and resources together to bring these two amazing works to local residents. Each play utilizes the unique and charming atmosphere of Osu’s Nanatsudera Kyodo Theater to create works that are acting focused, yet visually stunning. Do not miss out on this spectacular theater experience.

Snow Angel

Starring Aya Kawakami and Jonathon Freeman
Directed by Jessica A. Robison     

Under the Mango Tree

Starring Veenesh Dubois
Directed by Anthony Gilmore

Doors will open 30 minutes prior to the show, there will be a 15-20 minute intermission between plays 1 and 2.

Takashi Terada will be playing at the intermission and drinks may be purchased at the venue, courtesy of Red Rock.

Tickets are available from Ticket PIA, Red Rock, or all cast and crew.

Ticket PIA p-code:453-561

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