Life Behind Bars 2015: The Curragh

The Black Isle Organic Amber Ale
The Bartender: Teri

After a night in crowded bars patiently waiting my turn, only to get passed over for the girl that won’t stop flirting with the bartender long enough to order whatever sickly sweet concoction that passes for a cocktail these days, when all I want is a GODDAMN BEER, I was like… fuck this, I’m going to The Curragh.
This discreet pub near the TV Tower is the perfect spot for those who value a good pour over all else. They boast a generous selection of craft beers, and even offer beer-aficionado favorite Punk IPA on tap. However, on this night I was looking for sometthing different, and Pour Master Teri recommended their newest addition, the Black Isle Organic Amber Ale. A mouthful in title and taste, this delicious beer goes down easily with a nice blend of sugars and hops. You can take your time with this draft or down one after another; it’s a perfect session beer. – DO

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