Life Behind Bars 2015: The Cerveza

The-CervezaThe Drink: Lime Margarita, Frozen Piña Colada
The Bartender: Takehiro

If you had wondered about the origin of the preternatural glow emanating from the Endoji mall in Nishiku, be not afraid, for it is simply The Cerveza Endozi, Nagoya’s newest Mexican restaurant. The Endoji mall is known for hip restaurants, but The Cerveza certainly stands out as one of the most oshanti, with its mix of Aztec iconography and jukebox neon combining in an edgy yet enjoyable juxtaposition. The Cerveza has an amazing tequila selection, but I’m a sucker for frozen drinks and found the Lime Margarita impossible to resist. Like a Mexican mule kicking a kakigōri, it was mind-blowingly strong, but freshtastically limey and as sharp as an Aztec sacrificial sword.

Takehiro also highly recommended  their frozen Piña Coladas. Now, I do indeed like Piña Colladas, yet I am not one who is particularly partial to being caught in the rain, and as this night saw Nagoya catching the tail end of a typhoon, it didn’t take half a brain to realize that sheltering with a whole yard glass of the Caribbean classic was a good idea. – MG

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