Life Behind Bars 2015: Smash Head

Smash-HeadThe Drink: Cappucino Smoothie

Smash Head is one of the coolest spots in Nagoya; a funky cafe with burgers and beer.

Coffee in Japan runs the gamut from piss weak caffeine delivery systems barely fit for human consumption (anything in a can) to OK, but with a flavor hardly recognizable over the lingering smell of stale cigarettes (Komeda) to a beverage consumed while looking cool with with your 15” MacBook Pro with Retina Display® and pretending to work (Starbucks).

Which is why is why I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that Smash Head has some kick ass coffee. Seriously, try some the next time you visit Osu.

Mix some of that into a smoothie, with a shot of Kahlua, and you’ve got something akin to a tasty Red Bull and Vodka. Party time!

PS I couldn’t write about Smash Head without mentioning their aptly named Power Burger. It’s their already large 100% beef burger, with an extra patty. Overkill? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. -RT

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