Life Behind Bars 2015: Shooters

ShootersThe Drink: Salty Dolphin
The Bartender: Andrea

The Salty Dog is a true and trusted cocktail that’s known throughout the world, but every city’s basketball team needs a drink named after them. In honour of the Nagoya Diamond Dolphins basketball team, Shooters has created its very own version of this delicious cocktail – the Salty Dolphin.
There is nothing fishy about this drink. It comes with a liberal helping of vodka and peach liqueur, grapefruit juice and finally Blue Curacao to give its own fruity and colorful twist to support the Nagoyan’s basketball team. There’s a rim of salt which complements the sweet and fruity flavor, but to add an extra kick, it also comes with slices of orange, lime, lemon, and topped expertly with a cherry.

The drink is as strong as the team, so there’s no better to way to cheer and go fan-crazy for the Nagoya Diamond Dolphins than with a Salty Dolphin. – JF

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